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zlibの被依存性 Latest version of the following gems require zlib

faraday-gzip 1.0.0

Faraday plugin to automatically set compression headers (GZip, Deflate, Brotli) and dec...

656,891 ダウンロード

freddy 2.6.0

Messaging API

160,230 ダウンロード

contrast-agent 6.14.0

This gem instantiates a Rack middleware for rack-based web applications in order to pro...

156,217 ダウンロード

isomorfeus-transport 2.5.5

Channels, authetication and various transport options for Isomorfeus.

91,830 ダウンロード

docker_core 0.0.42

some functions for docker build / run

46,743 ダウンロード

fluent-plugin-scalyr 0.8.17

Sends log data collected by fluentd to Scalyr (

39,755 ダウンロード

bitfinex-rb 1.0.8

Official Bitfinex API ruby wrapper

35,545 ダウンロード

ip_lookup 1.2.6

IPLookup uses GeoIP2 MaxMind DB to lookup the country, timezone, coordinates and locale...

19,587 ダウンロード

rails_json_serializer 3.2.0

An ActiveRecord JSON Serializer with supported caching and eager-loading

18,237 ダウンロード

ipc_transit 0.1

Brokerless Message Queue

12,097 ダウンロード

rubg 0.2.3

RUBG is a Ruby wrapper for the official PUBG API.

10,378 ダウンロード

rmxp_extractor 1.8

A gem to dump and import *.rxdata files to and from JSON

7,585 ダウンロード

anngler 0.0.5

Anngler is an approximate nearest neighbor search for points in n-dimensional space tha...

5,410 ダウンロード


Sends log data collected by fluentd to Scalyr (

2,991 ダウンロード

glassnode 0.0.5

Glassnode API ruby wrapper

2,037 ダウンロード

br-invoice-download 1.0.0

BrInvoiceDownload é uma gem para projetos Ruby on Rails que tem como objetivo fazer o d...

1,813 ダウンロード

monero_wallet_gen 0.1.0

Lets you generate a fully functional monero address which you can send money to.

1,784 ダウンロード

jfrog-saas-log-collector 0.1.5

JFrog Saas Log Collector gem is intended for downloading and extracting of log files ge...

1,294 ダウンロード

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Ruby, BSD-2-Clause

必要Rubyバージョン: >= 2.3.0