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oauthの被依存性 Latest version of the following gems require oauth

omniauth-oauth 1.2.0

A generic OAuth (1.0/1.0a) strategy for OmniAuth.

19,440,963 ダウンロード

jira-ruby 2.1.5


14,773,349 ダウンロード

gmail_xoauth 0.4.2

Get access to Gmail IMAP and STMP via OAuth, using the standard Ruby Net libraries

4,542,144 ダウンロード

sorcery 0.16.1

Provides common authentication needs such as signing in/out, activating by email and re...

2,703,013 ダウンロード

xeroizer 2.20.0

Ruby library for the Xero accounting API. Originally developed by Wayne Robinson, now ...

1,604,304 ダウンロード

ruby-trello 3.0.0

A wrapper around the API.

1,600,127 ダウンロード

embedly 1.9.1

Ruby Embedly client library

1,444,687 ダウンロード

twitter_oauth 0.4.94

twitter_oauth is a Ruby client for the Twitter API using OAuth.

1,005,460 ダウンロード

rforce 0.15

A simple, usable binding to the Salesforce API.

829,142 ダウンロード

twitter_ebooks 3.1.6

Markov chains for all your friends~

717,160 ダウンロード

rightsignature 1.0.9

Provides a wrapper for the RightSignature API.

599,478 ダウンロード

omniauth-trello 0.0.4

OAuth 1.0 Strategy for Trello

593,353 ダウンロード

oa-oauth 0.3.2

OAuth strategies for OmniAuth.

571,223 ダウンロード

oauth-plugin 0.5.1

Rails plugin for implementing an OAuth Provider or Consumer

567,573 ダウンロード

simplegeo 0.5.3

A SimpleGeo Ruby Client

477,614 ダウンロード

uservoice-ruby 0.0.11

The gem provides Ruby-bindings to UserVoice API and helps generating Single-Sign-On tok...

419,337 ダウンロード

youtube_it 2.4.2

Upload, delete, update, comment on youtube videos all from one gem.

412,649 ダウンロード

tumblr_client 0.8.5

A Ruby wrapper for the Tumblr v2 API

356,276 ダウンロード

vimeo 1.5.4

A full featured Ruby implementation of the Vimeo API.

354,806 ダウンロード

apipie-bindings 0.4.0

Bindings for API calls that are documented with Apipie. Bindings are generated on the fly.

306,532 ダウンロード

aweber 1.6.1

Ruby interface to AWeber's API

303,918 ダウンロード

omniauth-jira 0.2.0

A JIRA OAuth 1.0a strategy for OmniAuth.

278,818 ダウンロード

runcible 2.13.1

Exposing Pulp's juiciest components to the Ruby world.

278,536 ダウンロード

xero_gateway 2.7.0

Enables Ruby based applications to communicate with the Xero API

219,648 ダウンロード

factual-api 1.3.20

Factual's official Ruby driver for the Factual public API.

201,637 ダウンロード

t 3.1.0

A command-line power tool for Twitter.

198,613 ダウンロード

coalescing_panda 5.1.10

Canvas LTI and OAUTH2 mountable engine

197,386 ダウンロード

evernote_oauth 0.2.3

evernote_oauth is a Ruby client for the Evernote API using OAuth and Thrift.

188,379 ダウンロード

fitgem 0.12.1

A client library to send and retrieve workout, weight, and diet data from

180,044 ダウンロード

earthquake 1.0.2

Twitter Client on Terminal with Twitter Streaming API.

172,325 ダウンロード

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