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Dependencias inversas para oauth Latest version of the following gems require oauth

omniauth-oauth 1.2.0

A generic OAuth (1.0/1.0a) strategy for OmniAuth.

19.351.770 Descargas

jira-ruby 2.1.5


14.689.808 Descargas

gmail_xoauth 0.4.2

Get access to Gmail IMAP and STMP via OAuth, using the standard Ruby Net libraries

4.517.987 Descargas

sorcery 0.16.1

Provides common authentication needs such as signing in/out, activating by email and re...

2.694.211 Descargas

xeroizer 2.20.0

Ruby library for the Xero accounting API. Originally developed by Wayne Robinson, now ...

1.601.627 Descargas

ruby-trello 3.0.0

A wrapper around the API.

1.593.994 Descargas

embedly 1.9.1

Ruby Embedly client library

1.443.200 Descargas

twitter_oauth 0.4.94

twitter_oauth is a Ruby client for the Twitter API using OAuth.

1.002.495 Descargas

rforce 0.15

A simple, usable binding to the Salesforce API.

825.724 Descargas

twitter_ebooks 3.1.6

Markov chains for all your friends~

716.704 Descargas

rightsignature 1.0.9

Provides a wrapper for the RightSignature API.

599.016 Descargas

omniauth-trello 0.0.4

OAuth 1.0 Strategy for Trello

590.674 Descargas

oa-oauth 0.3.2

OAuth strategies for OmniAuth.

570.995 Descargas

oauth-plugin 0.5.1

Rails plugin for implementing an OAuth Provider or Consumer

566.228 Descargas

simplegeo 0.5.3

A SimpleGeo Ruby Client

477.505 Descargas

uservoice-ruby 0.0.11

The gem provides Ruby-bindings to UserVoice API and helps generating Single-Sign-On tok...

419.175 Descargas

youtube_it 2.4.2

Upload, delete, update, comment on youtube videos all from one gem.

412.371 Descargas

tumblr_client 0.8.5

A Ruby wrapper for the Tumblr v2 API

355.685 Descargas

vimeo 1.5.4

A full featured Ruby implementation of the Vimeo API.

354.509 Descargas

apipie-bindings 0.4.0

Bindings for API calls that are documented with Apipie. Bindings are generated on the fly.

306.047 Descargas

aweber 1.6.1

Ruby interface to AWeber's API

303.125 Descargas

runcible 2.13.1

Exposing Pulp's juiciest components to the Ruby world.

277.374 Descargas

omniauth-jira 0.2.0

A JIRA OAuth 1.0a strategy for OmniAuth.

276.840 Descargas

xero_gateway 2.7.0

Enables Ruby based applications to communicate with the Xero API

219.270 Descargas

factual-api 1.3.20

Factual's official Ruby driver for the Factual public API.

201.364 Descargas

t 3.1.0

A command-line power tool for Twitter.

198.041 Descargas

coalescing_panda 5.1.10

Canvas LTI and OAUTH2 mountable engine

196.743 Descargas

evernote_oauth 0.2.3

evernote_oauth is a Ruby client for the Evernote API using OAuth and Thrift.

187.984 Descargas

fitgem 0.12.1

A client library to send and retrieve workout, weight, and diet data from

178.737 Descargas

earthquake 1.0.2

Twitter Client on Terminal with Twitter Streaming API.

171.955 Descargas

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