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Dependencias inversas para wirble Latest version of the following gems require wirble

route53 0.4.0

Provides CRUD and list operations for records and zones as part of Amazon's Route 53 se...

2.225.578 Descargas

utility_belt 1.1.0

A grab-bag of IRB power user madness.

115.521 Descargas

poundpay 0.4.0

Payments platform for marketplaces

59.850 Descargas

nephele 0.1.16

Light administration utility for popular cloud services

51.855 Descargas

brick_layer 0.10.6

Content Management and Endpoint Rails Service Engine

40.822 Descargas

mongoid_tree 0.3.7

Fully featured tree implementation for Mongoid using materialized paths and relative as...

37.344 Descargas

constantize 0.1.7

This gem provides dynamically created constants for activerecord models

32.590 Descargas

ladder 0.4.0

Dynamic framework for Linked Data modelling, persistence, and full-text indexing.

26.718 Descargas

safubot 0.0.9

A friendly event-driven chatbot framework. Supports Twitter and XMPP.

26.125 Descargas

ruby_nsq 0.0.4

Ruby client for the NSQ realtime message processing system

23.745 Descargas

atreides 2.0.5

Atreides is an engine providing a evented CMS following a KISS principle

22.767 Descargas

graphql_grpc 0.1.13

This is a gem packaging up gRPC proxy code to GraphQL from

21.451 Descargas

lab419_core 0.0.7

Coming Soon

21.090 Descargas

chitin 1.0.6

The point of Chitin is that you should be able to use Ruby in your shell. Bash is too o...

19.604 Descargas

jsonorama 0.1.5

for helping out with json apis

19.358 Descargas

telewatts_sender_support 0.1.27

shared models between server and client for the telewatts sender api

18.907 Descargas

pg_helper 0.4.0

Makes even easier to use postgresql without activerecord

18.188 Descargas

akitaonrails-utility_belt 1.0.13

A grab-bag of IRB power user madness. -- now with linux

15.149 Descargas

cf_ruby_gems 0.1.9

wrap up common required gems into one gem for bundling

12.743 Descargas

schreihals 0.0.4

A simple blog engine for hackers.

12.120 Descargas

twenty3andme 0.1.0

Ruby API client and Rails engine for creating applications that integrate with data fro...

9.786 Descargas

fbcli 1.2.1

Command line interface to the Facebook graph API.

9.782 Descargas

stormforge 0.8.1

stormforge-ruby is ruby the client library for the StormForger load test service

9.535 Descargas

flaming-ironman 0.0.3

Experiment with development gem kits

9.476 Descargas

activeadmin-cms 0.0.1

Converts ActiveAdmin into a simple CMS

9.461 Descargas

irb_rocket 0.2.0

irb plugin that makes irb #=> rocket

9.343 Descargas

bucaneer 0.1.1

Bucaneer is a Ruby library which allows you to control your BusPirate bitbang modes (I2...

9.186 Descargas

shutl 0.0.3

Placeholder gem for when we launch the shutl v2 API

9.101 Descargas

flyrb 1.0.0.c

A grab-bag of IRB power user madness (originaly Giles Bowkett's utility_belt).

8.955 Descargas

genki-irb_rocket 0.1.3

irb plugin that makes irb #=> rocket

7.839 Descargas

Total de descargas 4.826.297

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