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Dépendances inversées pour i18n-tasks Latest version of the following gems require i18n-tasks

rails-i18n 6.0.0

A set of common locale data and translations to internationalize and/or localize your R...

23 158 486 Téléchargements

blacklight 7.10.0

Blacklight is an open source Solr user interface discovery platform. You can use Bl...

644 721 Téléchargements

rails_email_preview 2.2.2

A Rails Engine to preview plain text and html email in your browser

429 976 Téléchargements

hiptest-publisher 2.4.0

Provides a command-line tool that generates Java, Python or Ruby code to run the tests.

366 935 Téléchargements

kuhsaft 2.6.3

Kuhsaft is a Rails engine that offers a simple CMS.

166 691 Téléchargements

blacklight-spotlight 2.13.0

Enable librarians, curators, and others who are responsible for digital collections to ...

109 272 Téléchargements

administrate-field-nested_has_many 1.3.0

Plugin for nested has_many forms in Administrate

64 137 Téléchargements

decidim-dev 0.22.0

Utilities and tools we need to develop Decidim

47 540 Téléchargements

deploygate 0.8.1

You can control to DeployGate in your terminal

43 488 Téléchargements

kinetic_cafe_error 1.12

kinetic_cafe_error provides an API-smart error base class and a DSL for defining errors...

22 049 Téléchargements

lois 0.1.8

Lois reports statuses of CI results to Github Commit Statuses.

19 757 Téléchargements

qbrick 2.7.1

Qbrick is a Rails engine that offers a simple CMS.

18 392 Téléchargements

i18n-tasks-csv 1.1

This is a packaged gem version of the CSV import/export tasks on the {i18n-tasks Wiki}[...

17 360 Téléchargements

arclight 0.3.3

This rubygem does not have a description or summary.

7 987 Téléchargements

foundationstone 0.0.4

Keep default applications behavior in one place.

6 451 Téléchargements

onoma 0.5.0

Actual support Open-Nomenclature data and gem for use

5 089 Téléchargements

dog_biscuits 0.5.9

DogBiscuits provides re-usable models, vocabularies and other services for Hyrax applic...

5 011 Téléchargements

publify_core 9.1.0

Core engine for the Publify blogging system, formerly known as Typo.

4 993 Téléchargements

blacklight-locale_picker 0.2.0

This rubygem does not have a description or summary.

4 733 Téléchargements

carbonmu 0.0.3

CarbonMU is a general-purpose, extendable MUD/MUSH server written in Ruby. CarbonMU is ...

4 157 Téléchargements

worker-field-nested_has_many 0.7.0

Plugin for nested has_many forms in Administrate

3 116 Téléchargements

graphql_authorize 0.4.2

Auth support for ruby-graphql

3 056 Téléchargements

i18n-tasks-mongoid 0.0.1

i18n-tasks extractor (scanner) for Mongoid models. Work in progress

2 050 Téléchargements

airesis_i18n 0.2.2

Airesis contains only English as default language. This gem contains all the other lang...

1 876 Téléchargements

i18n-tasks-angular 0.1.0

i18n-tasks helps you find and manage missing and unused translations that are created w...

1 537 Téléchargements

viniBaxter-spa-nested_has_many 4.0.0

Plugin for nested has_many forms in Administrate

855 Téléchargements

thredded-workgroup 0.2.1

Write a longer description or delete this line.

629 Téléchargements

threddedDANIEL 0.14.5

The best Rails 4.2+ forums engine ever. Its goal is to be as simple and feature rich as...

531 Téléchargements

translation_cms 0.1.5

Translation CMS based on WritersCms api v2(t#3)

526 Téléchargements

simple_email_preview 1.0.0

A Rails Engine to preview plain text and html email in your browser

144 Téléchargements

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Version de Ruby requise: ~> 2.3