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Reverse dependencies for graphql Latest version of the following gems require graphql

graphql-client 0.16.0

A Ruby library for declaring, composing and executing GraphQL queries

9,023,475 下載

batch-loader 2.0.1

Powerful tool to avoid N+1 DB or HTTP queries

6,888,959 下載

apollo_upload_server 2.0.5

apollo-upload-server implementation for Ruby on Rails as middleware.

6,000,265 下載

graphql-batch 0.4.3

A query batching executor for the graphql gem

5,694,652 下載

graphql-docs 2.0.1

Easily generate beautiful documentation from your GraphQL schema.

5,030,433 下載

graphql-errors 0.4.0

Simple error handler for graphql-ruby

983,058 下載

graphql-guard 2.0.0

Simple authorization gem for graphql-ruby

779,678 下載

search_object_graphql 1.0.1

Search Object plugin to working with GraphQL

583,639 下載

graphql-schema_comparator 1.0.0

GraphQL::SchemaComparator compares two GraphQL schemas given their IDL and returns a li...

559,899 下載

graphql-preload 2.1.0

Preload ActiveRecord associations with graphql-batch

542,074 下載

graphql_schema 0.1.6

Classes for convenient use of GraphQL introspection result

418,074 下載

apollo-federation 1.1.5

A Ruby implementation of Apollo Federation

375,568 下載

graphql-query-resolver 0.2.0

GraphQL::QueryResolver is an add-on to graphql-ruby that allows your field resolvers to...

328,116 下載

rspec-graphql_matchers 1.3.0

Collection of rspec matchers to test your graphQL api schema.

320,384 下載

graphql-active_record 2.2.2

Active Record Helpers for graphql-ruby

221,620 下載

apollo-tracing 1.6.0

Ruby implementation of GraphQL trace data in the Apollo Tracing format.

216,267 下載

graphql-map 0.3.0

Adds a 'Map' scalar type for use with graphql-ruby

208,316 下載

graphql-metrics 4.1.0

Extract as much much detail as you want from GraphQL queries, served up from your Ruby ...

180,440 下載

graphql-cache 0.6.0

Provides middleware field-level caching for graphql-ruby

159,321 下載

graphql-relay 0.12.0

Define global ids, connections and mutations to use GraphQL and Relay with a Ruby server.

106,119 下載

action_policy-graphql 0.5.3

Action Policy integration for GraphQL-Ruby

101,618 下載

graphql-libgraphqlparser 1.3.0

Use Libgraphqlparser to parse queries for the GraphQL gem

92,052 下載

active_graphql 0.3

Graphql client

86,483 下載

graphql-activerecord 0.13.0

Build Relay-compatible GraphQL schemas based on ActiveRecord models

78,190 下載

optics-agent 0.5.5

An Agent for Apollo Optics,

76,256 下載

decidim-api 0.24.1

API engine for decidim

74,611 下載

graphql_rails 1.2.3

Rails style structure for GraphQL API.

60,670 下載

graphql-pundit 0.7.1

Pundit authorization support for graphql

52,954 下載

graphql-anycable 1.0.1

A drop-in replacement for GraphQL ActionCable subscriptions for AnyCable.

43,356 下載

graphql-kaminari_connection 0.1.0

Kaminari based GraphQL pagination

36,677 下載

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