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tty-logger 的反向依赖 Latest version of the following gems require tty-logger

tty 0.10.0

A toolbox for developing beautiful command line clients.

307,041 下载

review 5.5.0

Re:VIEW is a digital publishing system for books and ebooks. It supports InDesign, EPUB...

141,726 下载

console_runner 0.3.1

This gem provides you an ability to run any Ruby method from command-line (no any code ...

52,249 下载

rfix 3.0.1

RuboCop CLI that only lints and auto-fixes code you committed by utilizing `git-log` an...

44,894 下载

tty-logger-raven 0.3.2

Raven for Ruby handler for tty-logger

14,829 下载

dynamocli 0.1.8

Utilities for interaction with AWS DynamoDB

11,983 下载

sfctl 1.0.4

sfctl is a command line interface for the Starfish API.

10,311 下载

sutty-cli 0.2.1

Tools to develop Sutty's themes and plugins

8,580 下载

vaccine-spotter 0.2.5

This gem will notify you when COVID-19 vaccine appointments are available matching cert...

7,607 下载

roda-enhanced_logger 0.5.0

An enhanced logger for Roda applications

7,342 下载

git-nebenan 0.1.0

Switch git branches based on JIRA issues.

6,127 下载

ckan_cli 1.0.2

CKAN CLI with built-in CSV file validation and CKAN API integration.

4,997 下载

choria-colt 0.6.0

Colt eases the Bolt tasks run through Choria

4,276 下载

michael 0.2.0

Operate with github to get PRs

4,111 下载

branchtree 0.1.2

Interactively manage chains or trees of dependent git branches. Merge or rebase to iter...

3,966 下载

dri 0.6.1

CLI app to help triage GitLab QA pipelines

3,921 下载

ccli 1.1.0

CCLI is the Cryptopus Command Line Interface. It allows to fetch encryptable data and l...

3,888 下载

hammerhead 0.1.2

If you use Harvest for timekeeping, you can use this gem to create status reports f...

3,090 下载

assemblr 0.2.0

A small DSL for the construction of quick automation tasks.

2,836 下载

statique 0.1.4

Statique is a static website generator written in Ruby using Roda

2,594 下载

cruncher 0.1.1

Cruncher looks at your website and spits out the cookies used.

2,532 下载

lumise 0.2.1

Standardize your team's gems configurations.

2,232 下载

working_set 1.0.2

Working Set is a multithreaded custom protocol server with an ncurses-based terminal in...

2,035 下载

spec_file_generator 1.0.0

Command line utility to create spec file based on ruby class file.

1,715 下载

urly 0.1.1

Add, open, and remove URL shortcuts per directory.

1,672 下载

s3_sec 0.1.0

Write a longer description or delete this line.

1,515 下载

hackasm 0.1.0

Assembler and vm code translator program for Hack assembler from course From NAND to Te...

1,347 下载

boxybox 0.1.2

Draws terminal ascii boxes, and boxes within boxes

1,266 下载

wordword 1.0.0

A language-agnostic CLI application for learning new words. You are able to construct t...

1,265 下载

rom-distillery 0.1

Help organise emulation ROM using DAT file

1,205 下载

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需要的 Ruby 版本: >= 2.0.0