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Reverse dependencies for rufo 0.7.0

mail 2.7.1

A really Ruby Mail handler.

190,204,733 下載

recurly 3.0.0

The ruby client for Recurly's V3 API

1,628,689 下載

gitlab-labkit 0.7.0

Instrumentation for GitLab

1,251,145 下載

sparkle_formation 3.0.40

Ruby DSL for programmatic orchestration API template generation

400,837 下載

attribute_struct 0.4.4

Attribute structures

375,752 下載

sfn 3.1.8

SparkleFormation CLI

329,832 下載

miasma-aws 0.3.30

Smoggy AWS API

305,326 下載

miasma 0.3.8

Smoggy API

293,745 下載

batali 0.5.0


54,355 下載

sfn-parameters 0.3.2

SparkleFormation Parameters Callback

24,383 下載

deepmap 0.2.1

Map functions over nested hash/arrays objects (e.g. JSON).

19,781 下載

open_api_import 0.9.1

OpenApiImport -- Import a Swagger or Open API file and create a Ruby Request Hash file ...

7,757 下載

reaper-man 0.1.14

Grow code, reap packages

5,937 下載

cheepub 0.12.0

Simple EPUB/PDF generator from Markdown. Inspired by denden converter

4,680 下載

carthage_remote_cache 0.0.9

Centralized cache to serve carthage frameworks. Useful for distributed CI setup with se...

3,201 下載

create_tests 0.4.4

CreateTests -- Create Tests automatically from a Requests file. Perfect to be used with...

3,168 下載

thicket 0.1.8

Git's default log command gets the job done, but its formatting capabilities sometimes ...

2,386 下載

persistent-dmnd 1.0.4

A tiny ruby gem that gives you a beautiful short-hand syntax for creating immutable arr...

1,695 下載

graphiti-openapi 0.1.7

OpenAPI 3.0 specification for your (Graphiti) JSON:API

1,645 下載

rb-konfig 0.1.5

Konfig is a Kubernetes friendly Rails configuration gem

1,413 下載

mrubyc-test 0.4.0

mrubyc-test is an unit test framework for mruby/c, supporting basic assertions, stub an...

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noticent 0.0.3

Act as Notified is a flexible framework to add notifications to a Rails application

1,074 下載

mediaarts_scraper 0.1.0

Ruby scraper implementation for

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fake_faker 0.1.0

A Faker V2 wrapper to provide Faker V1 interface.

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