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Dependencias inversas para rufo Latest version of the following gems require rufo

mail 2.7.1

A really Ruby Mail handler.

226.085.975 Descargas

gitlab-labkit 0.12.0

Instrumentation for GitLab

2.909.781 Descargas

recurly 3.8.0

The ruby client for Recurly's V3 API

2.094.209 Descargas

sparkle_formation 3.0.40

Ruby DSL for programmatic orchestration API template generation

605.791 Descargas

attribute_struct 0.4.4

Attribute structures

540.039 Descargas

sfn 3.1.8

SparkleFormation CLI

527.430 Descargas

miasma-aws 0.3.30

Smoggy AWS API

501.959 Descargas

miasma 0.3.8

Smoggy API

491.227 Descargas

journald-logger 3.0.1

systemd-journal native logger

260.400 Descargas

kitchen-terraform 5.4.0

kitchen-terraform is a set of Test Kitchen plugins for testing Terraform configuration

109.630 Descargas

batali 0.5.0


57.222 Descargas

sfn-parameters 0.3.2

SparkleFormation Parameters Callback

49.027 Descargas

deepmap 0.2.1

Map functions over nested hash/arrays objects (e.g. JSON).

34.072 Descargas

open_api_import 0.10.5

OpenApiImport -- Import a Swagger or Open API file and create a Ruby Request Hash file ...

17.342 Descargas

enfcli 5.0.2

Xaptum ENF CLI.

15.248 Descargas

create_tests 0.6.2

CreateTests -- Create Tests automatically from a Requests file. Perfect to be used with...

6.796 Descargas

reaper-man 0.1.14

Grow code, reap packages

6.442 Descargas

cheepub 0.13.0

Simple EPUB/PDF generator from Markdown. Inspired by denden converter

5.878 Descargas

thicket 0.1.8

Git's default log command gets the job done, but its formatting capabilities sometimes ...

4.994 Descargas

syobocal 0.13.0

Syoboi Calendar is the oldest and biggest ANIME information site, supported and hosted ...

4.887 Descargas

list_to_columns 1.2.0

Given an Array of Strings, it formats it into columns to make it more compact for termi...

4.254 Descargas

carthage_remote_cache 0.0.9

Centralized cache to serve carthage frameworks. Useful for distributed CI setup with se...

4.195 Descargas

rb-konfig 0.1.5

Konfig is a Kubernetes friendly Rails configuration gem

3.880 Descargas

mrubyc-test 0.5.3

mrubyc-test is an unit test framework for mruby/c, supporting basic assertions, stub an...

3.489 Descargas

noticent 0.0.4

Act as Notified is a flexible framework to add notifications to a Rails application

3.187 Descargas

graphiti-openapi 0.1.7

OpenAPI 3.0 specification for your (Graphiti) JSON:API

2.055 Descargas

persistent-dmnd 1.0.4

A tiny ruby gem that gives you a beautiful short-hand syntax for creating immutable arr...

1.991 Descargas

ruby_crystal_codemod 0.1.3

Attempts to transpile Ruby code into Crystal code

1.510 Descargas

fixings 0.1.2

Easy rails setup with infrastructure and a bunch of handy correctness pieces

1.219 Descargas

mediaarts_scraper 0.1.0

Ruby scraper implementation for

1.184 Descargas

Total de descargas 432.846

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