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Dependencias inversas para rubocop-thread_safety Latest version of the following gems require rubocop-thread_safety

gruf 2.12.0

gRPC Ruby Framework for building complex gRPC applications at scale

1.038.383 Descargas

chartmogul-ruby 3.0.0

Official Ruby client for ChartMogul's API

577.759 Descargas

danger-code_coverage 1.0.1

Danger plugin for Jenkins-Code-Coverage-Api plugin.

79.552 Descargas

matchi 3.3.0

Collection of expectation matchers for Rubyists 🤹

76.747 Descargas

gruf-prometheus 2.1.0

Prometheus support for gruf

64.502 Descargas

gruf-commander 1.2.0

Command/request syntax helper for gruf

62.790 Descargas

spectus 4.0.3

Expectation library with RFC 2119's requirement levels 🚥

62.622 Descargas

fix 0.18.2

Specing framework for Ruby.

55.597 Descargas

accept_language 2.0.2

Parses the Accept-Language header from an HTTP request and produces a hash of languages...

53.891 Descargas

rubocop_challenger 2.5.0

Make a clean your rubocop_todo.yml with CI

39.174 Descargas

scc-codestyle 0.5.0

SCC style guides and shared style configs.

29.231 Descargas

matchi-fix 2.1.2

A Fix specing matcher compatible with Matchi.

24.943 Descargas

ugoki 3.3.3

Returns pseudo-legal moves from a tablebase and a position.

24.254 Descargas

activerecord-transactionable 3.0.2

Getting transactions right is hard, and this gem makes it easier.

24.135 Descargas

silvercop 1.0.4

Code style checking for Silvercar Ruby repositories.

23.514 Descargas

defi 2.0.6

Challenge library.

20.028 Descargas

graphqr 0.0.8

Extensions and helpers for graphql-ruby

18.983 Descargas

r_spec 1.0.1

A minimalist RSpec clone with all the essentials.

18.710 Descargas

aw 0.1.13

Creates a sub-process to execute a block inside, and returns the result.

18.556 Descargas

ditty 0.10.2

Sinatra Based Application Framework

18.395 Descargas

aoandon 0.0.7

Aoandon (青行燈) is a minimalist network intrusion detection system (NIDS).

17.455 Descargas

matchi-rspec 1.2.0

Matchi extension gem to provide some RSpec matchers.

17.292 Descargas

opentracing-instrumentation 0.2.1

OpenTracing instrumentation for Bunny, Faraday, Hutch, Mongo, PORO, Rack, Sidekiq, Sina...

15.329 Descargas

qi 9.0.0

Instantiate PCN's positions and apply PMN's moves.

14.348 Descargas

fix-expect 0.4.1

Fix extension gem to provide the expect syntax.

12.758 Descargas

rubocop-mhenrixon 3.0.0

Convenience gem to handle my rubocop configuration in multiple projects.

11.446 Descargas

brutal 1.2.0

A code-first approach to automate the writing of unit tests.

10.083 Descargas

sashite-pan 1.3.0

A Ruby interface for data serialization in PAN (Portable Action Notation) format.

9.847 Descargas

r_spec-clone 1.5.0

A minimalist RSpec clone with all the essentials.

7.224 Descargas

pseudo_legal_move_tablebase-shogi 4.0.0

A computerized database that contains precalculated exhaustive pseudo-legal moves of Sh...

6.937 Descargas

Total de descargas 1.648.865

Para esta versión 306.664

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