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rubocop-rails 的反向依赖 Latest version of the following gems require rubocop-rails

r18n-rails-api 5.0.0

R18n backend for Rails I18n and R18n filters and loader to support Rails translatio...

90,284 下载

r18n-rails 5.0.0

Out-of-box R18n support for Ruby on Rails. It is just a wrapper for R18n Rails API ...

83,886 下载

bixby 3.0.2

A Style Configuration for RuboCop

77,546 下载

simple_workflow 2.1.0

Expands Ruby on Rails to allow simple breadcrumb detour workflows.

74,753 下载

rubocop-ogat 4.1.0

Default RuboCop configuration for OGAT Ruby projects

74,599 下载

rubocop-ogat 4.1.0

Default RuboCop configuration for OGAT Ruby projects

74,599 下载


Wanna write code the Freshly way? Inherit this gem in your rubocop.yml and keep your co...

72,054 下载

ui_bibz 2.5.6

A Rails Interface Framework using Bootstrap.

71,363 下载

twbs_sass_rails 10.2.0

Provides assets for Bootstrap and FontAwesome in your Rails application.

70,365 下载

decidim-dev 0.24.2

Utilities and tools we need to develop Decidim

67,907 下载

pulis 0.1.33

cop file for my project

64,989 下载

currency_select 3.0.0

Currency select plugin for Rails

63,011 下载

tb_core 1.5.4

Twice Baked Core Engine

59,789 下载

devise-secure_password 2.0.1

Adds configurable password policy enforcement to devise.

49,708 下载

simplycop 1.7.1

Require this gem in your application to use Simply Business common rubocop rules.

45,003 下载

git-trend 1.2.5

CLI-Based tool that show Trending repository on github

44,676 下载

ezcater_rubocop 2.2.0

ezCater custom cops and shared configuration

42,550 下载

salsify_rubocop 1.0.2

Shared shared RuboCop configuration

42,467 下载

rf-stylez 0.11.1

Configurations for Rubocop and other style enforcers/linters

41,522 下载

orchestration 0.6.1

Tools to help launch apps in Docker

41,136 下载

redmine_airbrake_backend 1.4.1

Plugin which adds Airbrake support to Redmine

38,544 下载

fontist 1.8.13

Install openly-licensed fonts on Windows, Linux and Mac!

38,320 下载

spree_dev_tools 0.1.8

Spree Developer Tools

37,135 下载

activerecord-time 0.17.0

A handler for storing TimeOfDay objects in ActiveRecord objects as sql time values.

36,557 下载

dynamo-record 1.4.0

Extensions to Aws::Record for working with DynamoDB.

32,373 下载

csv_step_importer 0.15.3

Import your CSV files in multiple steps

32,138 下载

ndr_dev_support 6.0.0

Provides support to developers of NDR projects

31,914 下载

fablicop 1.0.7

fablicop is a RuboCop configration gem.

29,722 下载

best_practice_project 0.0.11

A bundle of various linters and code inspection tools

26,409 下载

lifen-ruby-style 1.1.4

Lifen style guides and shared style configs.

25,760 下载

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这个版本 109,920

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需要的 Ruby 版本: >= 2.5.0