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Reverse dependencies for rubocop-rails Latest version of the following gems require rubocop-rails

pg_search 2.3.5

PgSearch builds Active Record named scopes that take advantage of PostgreSQL's full tex...

7,743,621 下載

gitlab-styles 5.1.0

GitLab style guides and shared style configs.

5,494,209 下載

client_side_validations 17.2.0

Client Side Validations made easy for your Rails 5 applications

2,436,479 下載

route_translator 9.0.0

Translates the Rails routes of your application into the languages defined in your loca...

1,201,717 下載

client_side_validations-simple_form 11.1.0

SimpleForm Plugin for ClientSideValidations

746,251 下載

rubocop-rails_config 1.0.2

RuboCop configuration which has the same code style checking as official Ruby on Rails

676,616 下載

blacklight 7.13.2

Blacklight is an open source Solr user interface discovery platform. You can use Bl...

668,431 下載

validates_zipcode 0.3.3

Adds zipcode validation methods to ActiveModel considering different country zipcode fo...

562,392 下載

rubocop-airbnb 3.0.2

A plugin for RuboCop code style enforcing & linting tool. It includes Rubocop configura...

480,194 下載

switchman-inst-jobs 3.0.4

Switchman and Instructure Jobs compatibility gem.

398,957 下載

active_currency 1.2.1

Store your currency.

364,617 下載

rubocop-github 0.16.0

Code style checking for GitHub Ruby repositories

353,006 下載

test_track_rails_client 3.0.1

Easy split testing and feature flagging for Rails with TestTrack server

316,325 下載

govuk-lint 4.3.0

Include this in your project to easily validate it against the GDS style guides

289,080 下載

sweet_notifications 1.1.0

Syntactic sugar for ActiveSupport::LogSubscriber for easy instrumentation and logging f...

158,591 下載

ws-style 6.5.0

Shared config to enforce Ruby style consistently across Wealthsimple services.

123,119 下載

granite 0.9.6

Another business actions architecture for Rails apps

118,019 下載

rubocop-govuk 3.17.2

Shared RuboCop rules for Ruby projects in GOV.UK

117,180 下載


This gem provides default rubocop settings for Umbrellio projects

110,848 下載

client_side_validations-mongoid 10.1.0

Mongoid Plugin for ClientSideValidations

103,968 下載

netsoft-danger 0.4.1

Packages a Dangerfile to be used with Danger.

83,320 下載

simple_workflow 2.0.0

Expands Ruby on Rails to allow simple breadcrumb detour workflows.

70,825 下載

bixby 3.0.2

A Style Configuration for RuboCop

68,221 下載

twbs_sass_rails 10.1.0

Provides assets for Bootstrap and FontAwesome in your Rails application.

65,498 下載


A set of rubocop settings used in my own projects.Support for: vanilla ruby, rspec, rails.

64,554 下載

foreman_bootdisk 17.0.2

Plugin for Foreman that creates iPXE-based boot disks to provision hosts without the ne...

62,608 下載

spicerack-styleguide 0.25.2

Wanna write code the Freshly way? Inherit this gem in your rubocop.yml and keep your co...

62,406 下載

rubocop-ogat 2.8.1

Default RuboCop configuration for OGAT Ruby projects

61,005 下載

rubocop-ogat 2.8.1

Default RuboCop configuration for OGAT Ruby projects

61,005 下載

ui_bibz 2.5.6

A Rails Interface Framework using Bootstrap.

60,554 下載

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