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rubocop-minitest 的反向依赖 Latest version of the following gems require rubocop-minitest

quality 38.0.0

Quality is a tool that runs quality checks on your code using community tools, and make...

249,700 下载

gir_ffi 0.15.5

GirFFI creates bindings for GObject-based libraries at runtime based on introspection d...

177,295 下载

foreman_bootdisk 17.0.2

Plugin for Foreman that creates iPXE-based boot disks to provision hosts without the ne...

62,412 下载

rubocop-ogat 2.8.1

Default RuboCop configuration for OGAT Ruby projects

60,855 下载

ui_bibz 2.5.6

A Rails Interface Framework using Bootstrap.

60,414 下载

ae_network_connection_exception 1.5.1

Catch exceptions related to establishing a network connection and return a generic error.

27,463 下载

atspi_app_driver 0.7.0

Test GirFFI-based applications using Atspi

13,870 下载

rubocop-standard 5.0.1

Enables all the RuboCop recommendations (with the overly aggressive ones disabled).

10,145 下载

foreman_monitoring 2.0.0

Foreman plugin for monitoring system integration.

7,341 下载

exercism_config 0.32.0

Retrieves stored config for Exercism

5,290 下载

foreman_omaha 4.0.1

This plug-in adds support for the Omaha procotol to The Foreman. It allows you to bette...

5,019 下载

ragmob 0.1.0

A library to interact with the BeyondTrust Remote Support API.

2,866 下载

lazylead 0.6.1

Ticketing systems (Github, Jira, etc.) are strongly integrated into our processes and e...

2,648 下载

czech_post_b2b_client 1.2.6

Accessing B2B API of Czech Post for bulk processing of packages ("B2B - WS PodáníOnline").

2,638 下载

gnome_app_driver 0.3.0

Driver to test the UI of applications using Ruby-GNOME2 by interacting with them via At...

2,350 下载

webpack-helpers 0.1.3

Make Ruby and Webpack as loosely coupled as possible.

1,608 下载

vcs4sql 0.1.1

In the last few years, version control for database became best practice. There are sev...

1,363 下载

foreman_statistics 1.0.0

Statistics and Trends for Foreman gives users overview of their infrastructure.

1,263 下载

has_encrypted_field 0.3.0

Encrypted attributes for Rails models.

1,194 下载

theforeman-rubocop 0.0.5

Shared Rubocop configuration for family of projects.

1,076 下载

git_validation_task 1.1.0

A rake task for the git-validation tool

923 下载

ruby_checker 1.1.0

Ruby interpreter and version checker.

840 下载

runeterra_cards 0.3.0

Legends of Runeterra deck code decoder & Data Dragon card data loader.

834 下载

webpacker-pnpm 1.2.1

webpacker-pnpm minimizes dependency hell, improves code quality stability, and reduces ...

738 下载

i_did_mean 1.0.0

Autofix your typos, by leveraging DidYouMean suggestions.

665 下载

rubocop-emotionsar 1.0.0

Provides basic configuration for rubocop to be used in Ruby on Rails projects. It a...

403 下载

practical-pig 1.0.0

Practical Pig is an opinionated Ruby on Rails template that makes use of webpacker-pnpm...

395 下载

grape-throttling 0.1.1

Grape rate limit exceeded.

216 下载

itax_code 0.1.3

Encode and decode Italian tax code (Codice Fiscale).

192 下载

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需要的 Ruby 版本: >= 2.4.0