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Dépendances inversées pour rubocop-minitest Latest version of the following gems require rubocop-minitest

quality 38.0.0

Quality is a tool that runs quality checks on your code using community tools, and make...

249 545 Téléchargements

gir_ffi 0.15.5

GirFFI creates bindings for GObject-based libraries at runtime based on introspection d...

177 214 Téléchargements

foreman_bootdisk 17.0.2

Plugin for Foreman that creates iPXE-based boot disks to provision hosts without the ne...

62 412 Téléchargements

rubocop-ogat 2.8.1

Default RuboCop configuration for OGAT Ruby projects

60 825 Téléchargements

ui_bibz 2.5.6

A Rails Interface Framework using Bootstrap.

60 199 Téléchargements

ae_network_connection_exception 1.5.1

Catch exceptions related to establishing a network connection and return a generic error.

27 387 Téléchargements

atspi_app_driver 0.7.0

Test GirFFI-based applications using Atspi

13 824 Téléchargements

rubocop-standard 5.0.1

Enables all the RuboCop recommendations (with the overly aggressive ones disabled).

10 139 Téléchargements

foreman_monitoring 2.0.0

Foreman plugin for monitoring system integration.

7 339 Téléchargements

exercism_config 0.32.0

Retrieves stored config for Exercism

5 290 Téléchargements

foreman_omaha 4.0.1

This plug-in adds support for the Omaha procotol to The Foreman. It allows you to bette...

5 019 Téléchargements

ragmob 0.1.0

A library to interact with the BeyondTrust Remote Support API.

2 856 Téléchargements

lazylead 0.6.0

Ticketing systems (Github, Jira, etc.) are strongly integrated into our processes and e...

2 609 Téléchargements

czech_post_b2b_client 1.2.6

Accessing B2B API of Czech Post for bulk processing of packages ("B2B - WS PodáníOnline").

2 608 Téléchargements

gnome_app_driver 0.3.0

Driver to test the UI of applications using Ruby-GNOME2 by interacting with them via At...

2 350 Téléchargements

webpack-helpers 0.1.3

Make Ruby and Webpack as loosely coupled as possible.

1 603 Téléchargements

vcs4sql 0.1.1

In the last few years, version control for database became best practice. There are sev...

1 352 Téléchargements

has_encrypted_field 0.3.0

Encrypted attributes for Rails models.

1 194 Téléchargements

foreman_statistics 1.0.0

Statistics and Trends for Foreman gives users overview of their infrastructure.

1 182 Téléchargements

theforeman-rubocop 0.0.5

Shared Rubocop configuration for family of projects.

1 051 Téléchargements

git_validation_task 1.1.0

A rake task for the git-validation tool

923 Téléchargements

ruby_checker 1.1.0

Ruby interpreter and version checker.

840 Téléchargements

runeterra_cards 0.3.0

Legends of Runeterra deck code decoder & Data Dragon card data loader.

834 Téléchargements

webpacker-pnpm 1.2.1

webpacker-pnpm minimizes dependency hell, improves code quality stability, and reduces ...

736 Téléchargements

i_did_mean 1.0.0

Autofix your typos, by leveraging DidYouMean suggestions.

665 Téléchargements

rubocop-emotionsar 1.0.0

Provides basic configuration for rubocop to be used in Ruby on Rails projects. It a...

402 Téléchargements

practical-pig 1.0.0

Practical Pig is an opinionated Ruby on Rails template that makes use of webpacker-pnpm...

395 Téléchargements

grape-throttling 0.1.1

Grape rate limit exceeded.

216 Téléchargements

itax_code 0.1.2

Encode and decode Italian tax code (Codice Fiscale).

97 Téléchargements

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