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Dependencias inversas para multi_xml Latest version of the following gems require multi_xml

httparty 0.18.1

Makes http fun! Also, makes consuming restful web services dead easy.

115.207.931 Descargas

oauth2 1.4.4

A Ruby wrapper for the OAuth 2.0 protocol built with a similar style to the original OA...

69.234.762 Descargas

spaceship 1.0.0

Ruby library to access the Apple Dev Center and iTunes Connect

1.479.332 Descargas

peddler 2.4.4

A Ruby wrapper to the Amazon MWS API

677.944 Descargas

miasma 0.3.8

Smoggy API

596.779 Descargas

oa-oauth 0.3.2

OAuth strategies for OmniAuth.

563.008 Descargas

bogo-config 0.2.2

Configuration helper library

444.535 Descargas

desk 1.2.0

A Ruby wrapper for the REST API

370.469 Descargas

omniauth-fitbit 2.0.0

OmniAuth OAuth2 strategy for Fitbit

173.842 Descargas

alexa 0.7.0

Alexa Web Information Service library (AWIS)

171.044 Descargas

oauth2-aptible 0.10.2

A Ruby wrapper for the OAuth 2.0 protocol built with a similar style to the original OA...

153.266 Descargas

esa 1.18.0

esa API v1 client library, written in Ruby

103.544 Descargas

rundeck 1.2.1

Ruby client for Rundeck API

102.577 Descargas

flickrie 1.6.1

This gem wraps the Flickr API with a nice object-oriented interface.

82.565 Descargas

airbrake-api 4.6.1

A ruby wrapper for the Airbrake API

82.418 Descargas

steam-condenser 1.3.11

A multi-language library for querying the Steam Community, Source, GoldSrc servers and ...

80.624 Descargas

aemo 0.3.6

Gem providing functionality for the Australian Energy Market Operator data. Supports NM...

75.896 Descargas

lapis_lazuli 2.2.0

LapisLazuli provides cucumber helper functions and scaffolding for easier (web) tes...

70.877 Descargas

vaulted_billing 1.4.0

Several card processors and gateways support offloading the storage of credit card info...

68.824 Descargas

amazon_flex_pay 0.11.0

A straight-forward REST API for Amazon's Flexible Payments Services.

66.676 Descargas

exlibris-aleph 2.0.4

Library to handle Exlibris' Aleph ILS.

57.701 Descargas

cosm-rb 0.2.09

A library for communicating with the Cosm REST API, parsing and rendering Cosm feed for...

48.790 Descargas

bukelatta 0.1.8

Bukelatta is a tool to manage S3 Bucket Policy.

46.905 Descargas

assistly 0.2.6

A Ruby wrapper for the Assistly REST API

46.833 Descargas

turbot-ruby-gems 0.32

Metapackage to install gems provided by Turbot.

43.534 Descargas

pupa 0.2.4

A data scraping framework

38.517 Descargas

pipedrive-ruby 0.3.3

Ruby wrapper for the Pipedrive API

36.272 Descargas

homeaway-api 1.4.1

Ruby SDK for interacting with the HomeAway API

34.118 Descargas

recalls 0.1

A Ruby wrapper for the Recalls APIs.

32.233 Descargas

datatrans 3.0.2

Datatrans Integration for Ruby on Rails

31.946 Descargas

Total de descargas 148.205.442

Para esta versión 101.118.043

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