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Reverse dependencies for jwt Latest version of the following gems require jwt

signet 0.17.0

Signet is an OAuth 1.0 / OAuth 2.0 implementation.

187,897,557 下載

googleauth 1.2.0

Implements simple authorization for accessing Google APIs, and provides support for App...

185,366,010 下載

oauth2 2.0.6

A Ruby wrapper for the OAuth 2.0 protocol built with a similar style to the original OA...

117,483,872 下載

fastlane 2.209.0

The easiest way to automate beta deployments and releases for your iOS and Android apps

77,224,764 下載

omniauth-google-oauth2 1.0.1

A Google OAuth2 strategy for OmniAuth 1.x. This allows you to login to Google with your...

50,748,024 下載

twilio-ruby 5.70.1

The official library for communicating with the Twilio REST API, building TwiML, and ge...

46,864,543 下載

restforce 5.3.1

A lightweight Ruby client for the Salesforce REST API

26,932,062 下載

omniauth-azure-oauth2 0.0.10

An Windows Azure Active Directory OAuth2 strategy for OmniAuth

15,178,086 下載

atlassian-jwt 0.2.1

This gem simplifies generating the claims needed to authenticate with the Atlassian Con...

14,995,566 下載

omniauth-authentiq 0.3.3

Strategy to enable passwordless authentication in OmniAuth via Authentiq.

13,234,219 下載

r10k 3.15.0

R10K provides a general purpose toolset for deploying Puppet environments and modules. ...

12,042,041 下載

gitlab-mail_room 0.0.20

mail_room will proxy email (gmail) from IMAP to a delivery method

11,117,873 下載

safety_net_attestation 0.4.0

SafetyNet attestation response verification

9,494,490 下載

webpush 1.1.0

Encryption Utilities for Web Push payload.

9,360,593 下載

shopify_api 11.1.0

This gem allows Ruby developers to programmatically access the admin section of Shopify...

4,966,200 下載

warden-jwt_auth 0.6.0

JWT authentication for Warden, ORM agnostic and accepting the implementation of token r...

4,831,857 下載

google-id-token 1.4.2

Google ID Token utilities; currently just a parser/checker

3,477,666 下載

rpush 7.0.1

The push notification service for Ruby.

3,392,590 下載

splitclient-rb 8.0.1

Ruby client for using split SDK.

2,617,324 下載

splitclient-rb 8.0.1

Ruby client for using split SDK.

2,617,324 下載

doorkeeper-jwt 0.4.1

JWT token generator extension for Doorkeeper

2,213,722 下載

auth0 5.8.1

Ruby toolkit for Auth0 API

1,878,910 下載

arvados 2.4.2

Arvados client library, git commit f4554a781a3f6806783cbc6f116c3d7e974c6952

1,754,487 下載

bolt 3.25.0

Execute commands remotely over SSH and WinRM

1,484,102 下載

opentok 4.4.0

OpenTok is an API from TokBox that enables websites to weave live group video communica...

1,390,198 下載

knock 2.1.1

Authentication solution for Rails based on JWT

1,378,158 下載

shopify_app 20.0.2

This gem is used to get quickly started with the Shopify API

1,341,805 下載

docusign_esign 3.18.0

The DocuSign package makes integrating DocuSign into your apps and websites a super fas...

1,326,066 下載

bot_framework 0.1.0

Unofficial ruby client for microsoft botframework

1,252,229 下載

boxr 1.19.0

A Ruby client library for the Box V2 Content API.

1,163,243 下載

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