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goodcop 的反向依赖 Latest version of the following gems require goodcop

pkgforge 0.26.0

DSL engine for building Arch packages

59,608 下载

octoauth 1.7.0

Lightweight wrapper to sanely handle OAuth tokens with Octokit

44,428 下载

githubstats 3.0.2

Pulls the statistics from Github's user contribution chart and provides an interface fo...

36,639 下载

cymbal 2.0.0

Allows saner hash key manipulation by converting keys to symbols

33,601 下载

targit 2.3.0

Manages GitHub release assets for pushing binaries and other large files

31,902 下载

s3repo 2.0.3

Simple library for interacting with Archlinux repos in S3

28,194 下载

prospectus 0.9.0

Tool and DSL for checking expected vs actual state

25,308 下载

menagerie 1.1.1

This rubygem does not have a description or summary.

25,012 下载

gemplate 2.0.6

Creates a basic repository layout for a new gem

24,108 下载

githubchart 3.1.1

Uses GithubStats to grab Github contributions scores and converts that into an SVG

21,603 下载

linodeapi 2.0.3

Wraps the Linode API with multiple levels of interaction

18,108 下载

spaarti 2.0.2

Maintain local clones of repos you have access to on GitHub

13,700 下载

linodians 1.1.1

Library for viewing public Linode employee data

13,405 下载

keylime 0.2.1

Simple wrapper for using Mac Keychain

9,021 下载

prospectus_dockerhub 0.1.2

Prospectus helpers for docker hub

7,870 下载

prospectus_circleci 0.1.1

Prospectus helpers for circleci

6,925 下载

prospectus_pkgforge 0.0.12

Prospectus helpers for pkgforge

6,651 下载

libledger 0.0.8

Library for interacting with Ledger files

6,029 下载

ballista 0.0.5

Projection tool for Ledger format

5,957 下载

burglar 0.1.4

Tool for parsing data from bank websites

5,767 下载

prospectus_travis 0.1.2

Prospectus helpers for TravisCI

5,579 下载

prospectus_gems 0.3.1

Prospectus helpers for gemspecs

5,253 下载

prospectus_puppet 0.0.8

Prospectus helpers for puppet

4,419 下载

prospectus_terraform 0.1.3

Prospectus helpers for Terraform

3,952 下载

prospectus_golang 0.1.5

Prospectus helpers for golang

3,496 下载

prospectus_repotimer 0.0.5

Prospectus helpers for checking repo staleness

2,883 下载

limp 0.0.4

Read Slack tokens from Chrome LocalStorage

1,960 下载

下载总次数 19,518

这个版本 573

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