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flexmockの被依存性 Latest version of the following gems require flexmock

has_global_session 1.1.3

This plugin for Rails allows several web apps in an authentication domain to share sess...

57,223 ダウンロード

redis-bloomfilter 1.1.0

Adds Redis::Bloomfilter class which can be used as ditributed bloom filter implementati...

56,700 ダウンロード

tem_ruby 0.16.0

TEM (Trusted Execution Module) driver, written in and for ruby.

56,019 ダウンロード

bbmb 2.3.3

A Ruby gem for browser based orders of approved medical drugs in Switzerland

51,328 ダウンロード

cod 0.6.0

Really simple IPC. Pipes, TCP sockets, beanstalkd, ...

49,534 ダウンロード

amee-data-abstraction 2.3.1

Part of the AMEEappkit this gem provides a data abstraction layer, decreasing the amoun...

49,022 ダウンロード

fluent-plugin-tail-multiline-ex 0.0.3

merge tail_ex and tail_multiline input plugin

47,040 ダウンロード

fluent-plugin-redshift 0.1.2

Amazon Redshift output plugin for Fluentd

47,003 ダウンロード

toodledo 1.4.2

This is a Ruby API and client for, a task management website. It im...

44,103 ダウンロード

kungfuig 0.11.4

Config with goodnesses.

43,280 ダウンロード

amee-data-persistence 2.3.0

Part of the AMEEappkit, this gem provides storage and retrival of data provided by the ...

42,097 ダウンロード

htmlgrid 1.2.2

Not much to say.

39,592 ダウンロード

audit 0.7.3

Audit sits on top of your model objects and watches for changes to your data. When a ch...

39,063 ダウンロード

odba 1.1.8

Object Database Access

37,461 ダウンロード

active_directory_login 0.1.8

Devise based AD User Logins

37,421 ダウンロード

polipus 0.5.1

An easy to use distributed web-crawler framework based on Redis

37,222 ダウンロード

tem_mr_search 0.3.5

Tem Map-Reduce proof of concept: database search.

35,151 ダウンロード

zerg_xcode 0.5.0

Automated modifications for Xcode project files

33,601 ダウンロード

anyplayer 1.2.1

Play/pause/skip songs in iTunes Mac, iTunes Windows, Spotify Mac, Rdio Mac, MPD, Rhythm...

33,476 ダウンロード

autorespawn 0.6.1

This gem implements the functionality to take a signature of the current Ruby program (...

32,663 ダウンロード

daemonz 0.3.9

Works with Facebook.

31,812 ダウンロード

fluent-plugin-multi-exceptions 0.0.13

Fluentd output plugin which detects exception stack traces in a stream of JSON log m...

30,445 ダウンロード

kaminari-rspec 0.16.1

A Rspec Helper library for the Kaminari gem

30,144 ダウンロード

snapsync 0.3.8

Snapsync is a tool that automates transferring snapper snapshots to external media (USB...

29,566 ダウンロード

imobile 0.0.9

Library for servers backing iPhone applications.

28,140 ダウンロード

fluent-plugin-aliyun-odps 0.1.7

Aliyun ODPS output plugin for Fluentd event collector

27,568 ダウンロード

adobe-aem-api 0.0.8

Provides functionality to manage Adobe AEM instances.

27,473 ダウンロード

amee-analytics 2.1.2

Part of the AMEE AppKit, this gem provides the ability to do mathmatical operations ove...

27,021 ダウンロード

eloqua 1.2.4

An Eloqua API Wrapper for Ruby

26,442 ダウンロード

motiro 0.6.11

Simple project tracking tool

26,297 ダウンロード

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