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Reverse dependencies for ffi-rzmq Latest version of the following gems require ffi-rzmq

fluent-plugin-zmq-pub 0.0.5

0MQ publisher/subscriber plugin for fluentd

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keminglabs-fox-rubby 0.0.4

A rubbygem that makes it easy to write builder processes for the Fox build tool.

8,919 下載

rzmq-enhancement 0.0.28

The ffi-rzmq wraps ZeroMQ nicely, but not in a Ruby-friendly manner. here, we take th...

8,221 下載

sprockets-rails-parallel 0.0.4

Precompile them assets with the power of modern computing!

7,876 下載

SMService 0.1.8

Service Manager client with ZeroMQ DEALER endpoints, to build voice test automation act...

7,352 下載

blastbeat 0.0.2

BlastBeat Server integration module

7,065 下載

em-zmq 0.0.2

ZMQ bindings for EventMachine.

7,044 下載

xhummingbird 0.1.5

The Ruby client for xHummingbird application event tracker

6,958 下載

librmdp 0.1.0

A ruby implementation of the ZeroMQ majordomo pattern v0.1

6,865 下載

zmq_jobs 0.0.1.alpha3

ZeroMQ-based queue system for background job

6,776 下載

hoptoad_zmq_notifier 0.1.1

Hoptoad Notifier extension making hoptoad client speak to server via 0MQ socket.

6,698 下載

zebra 1.0.1

Zebra is a HTTP proxy server that uses ZMQ as the wire protocol between HTTP proxy gate...

5,978 下載

nodule 0.0.36

Nodule lets you declare Topologies of processes, which can be started or stopped togeth...

5,871 下載

lita-trisul 0.2.4

Lita chatops to Trisul Network Analytics

4,896 下載

pantry 0.1.0

Pantry is a framework that provides answers to common questions encoutered when setting...

4,748 下載

angstrom 0.5.0

Angstrom is an Mongrel2 fronted, actor-based web development framework similar in style...

4,747 下載

zero-moo 0.1.1

ZMQ based communication util

4,623 下載

zmqjsonrpc 0.1.1

Simple JSON RPC 2.0 client and server via zmq.

4,427 下載

ruby_mailman 0.9.1

Ruby implementation of the Central Service interface. Meant for use with UMN API Servic...

4,228 下載

agent_zmq 0.5.0

Acceptance test framework for ZeroMQ applications. Includes some cucumber helpers.

4,001 下載

ZDevice 0.1.0

ZDevice is a Ruby DSL for assembling arbitrary ZeroMQ routing devices, with support for...

3,896 下載

prepor-protobuf 3.5.1

Google Protocol Buffers serialization and RPC implementation for Ruby.

3,895 下載

deployable-zmq 0.2.0

Standard ZMQ Pattern classes

3,829 下載

crazyflie-zmq 0.1.2

Control Crazyflie via ZMQ protocol

3,728 下載

rbzmq 0.1.0

An opinionated ruby library wrapping ffi-rzmq for more rubish flair.

3,606 下載

bzmq 0.0.1

Basic ZeroMQ wrapper for JRuby

3,428 下載

ma-zmq 0.0.1

RoundRobin handler for ZMQ over EventedMachine

3,391 下載

lib-cml 1.1

Common Messaging Layer [CML] is mostly useful for establishing a stable,secure communic...

3,206 下載

rb_banyan 1.0.1

This gem contains the base class used to create Banyan compatible components ...

3,204 下載

rpc-bench 0.1.0

A simple benchmark tools for some kind of RPC frameworks

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