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ffi-rzmq 的反向依赖 Latest version of the following gems require ffi-rzmq

protobuf 3.10.3

Google Protocol Buffers serialization and RPC implementation for Ruby.

3,134,222 下载

protobuf-cucumber 3.10.8

Google Protocol Buffers serialization and RPC implementation for Ruby.

1,832,242 下载

logjam_agent 0.32.4

Logjam logger and request information forwarding

243,924 下载

iruby 0.5.0

A Ruby kernel for Jupyter environment. Try it at

238,300 下载

zeromqrb 0.1.3

High level wrapper for ffi-rzmq gem

85,342 下载

celluloid-zmq 0.17.2

Celluloid bindings to the ffi-rzmq library

69,116 下载

em-zeromq 0.5.0

Low level event machine support for ZeroMQ

64,180 下载

log-courier 1.10.0

Log Courier library

50,147 下载

marionette 0.0.14

Marionette connects a puppet node to its master and executes puppet runs on demand. Mar...

38,917 下载

bundesstrasse 0.1.0

Basic ZeroMQ wrapper for JRuby

29,477 下载

zmqmachine 0.7.1

ZMQMachine is another Ruby implementation of the reactor pattern but this time using 0m...

29,361 下载

armstrong 0.4.5

Armstrong is an Mongrel2 fronted, actor-based web development framework similar in styl...

26,422 下载

opscode-pushy-client 2.100.0

Client for Chef push jobs server

25,951 下载

pylon 0.2.8

leader election with zeromq for ruby using widely available leader election algorithms,...

24,938 下载

em-zmq-tp10 0.1.19

Implementation of ZMQ2.x transport protocol - ZMTP1.0

24,012 下载

ezmq 0.4.12

Syntactic sugar around FFI bindings for ZMQ, to stop C from seeping into your Ruby.

22,312 下载

txcatcher 0.2.14

Currently, the only job of this gem is to collect all new Bitcoin/Litecoin transactions...

21,388 下载

miu 0.2.3

Miu message hub

19,129 下载

m2r 2.1.0

Mongrel2 Rack handler and pure handler. Works with Rack, so it works with Rails!

18,973 下载

rack-mongrel2 0.2.4

A Rack handler for the Mongrel2 web server, by Zed Shaw.

18,900 下载

zss 0.3.4

ZeroMQ SOA Suite

16,137 下载

protobuffy 4.0.1

Google Protocol Buffers serialization and RPC implementation for Ruby.

15,516 下载

racoon 1.0.1

A distributed Apple Push Notification Service (APNs) provider developed for hosting mul...

14,872 下载

foreign_actor 1.0.5

Distributed Actors above Celluloid

13,684 下载

sub_zero 0.0.9

ZeroMQ SOA solution

12,729 下载

zactor 0.0.8


12,012 下载

logstash-mixin-zeromq 2.0.2

This gem is a Logstash plugin required to be installed on top of the Logstash core pipe...

11,925 下载

io_shuten 0.1.1.dev1

IO::shuten – Use databases as IO handler like you would do with files and streams.

10,795 下载

majordomo 0.0.4

Majordomo for Ruby

10,122 下载

kymera 0.1.7

Distributed Cucumber test runner

9,953 下载

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