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Dependencias inversas para fasterer 0.8.1

active_frontend 18.0.1

ActiveFrontend is a refreshingly modern responsive web framework for beautiful and fast...

374.732 Descargas

pronto-fasterer 0.10.0

Pronto runner for Fasterer, speed improvements suggester

271.367 Descargas

active_object 5.14.1

Class extensions of commonly used ruby object helpers.

75.063 Descargas

occi-core 5.0.4

The rOCCI toolkit is a collection of classes simplifying implementation of Open Cloud C...

69.574 Descargas

que-scheduler 3.2.7

A lightweight cron scheduler for the Que async job worker

47.921 Descargas

active_generator 5.2.0

Extend the base rails generators with commonly used generators.

45.213 Descargas

active_archive 6.1.0

Prevent database records from being destroyed.

30.027 Descargas

active_validation 5.1.0

Validate commonly used attributes easily with ActiveValidation.

27.093 Descargas

active_regulation 5.0.0

Manage the states of records by commonly used attributes.

22.234 Descargas

active_report 5.4.0

Export or import data from multiple input formats such as arrays, hashes, and active re...

20.390 Descargas

active_orm 5.1.0

ORM for non-supported databases.

19.257 Descargas

hexx-suit 2.3.2

The module collects gems used for development and testing.

18.338 Descargas

locabulary 0.8.1

An extraction of limited localized vocabulary for Sipity and CurateND.

16.071 Descargas

truemail 1.5.1

Configurable framework agnostic plain Ruby email validator. Verify email via Regex, DNS...

11.953 Descargas

active_uxid 5.1.0

Generate obfuscated UXid's.

9.284 Descargas

tableware 0.3.2

A nice way of parsing text tables into Ararys or Hashes for clearer code. Great for tes...

8.111 Descargas

tangle 0.10.2

Tangle implements graphs of things

7.990 Descargas

commitment 0.2.0

Provides a mechanism for monitoring your enduring commitment.

7.918 Descargas

lite-ruby 1.0.21

Collection of useful Ruby methods for its primitive classes

7.318 Descargas

xezat 0.1.2

xezat helps you win at cygport.

6.877 Descargas

rof 1.2.10

Raw Object Format

6.842 Descargas

kronos-ruby 0.3.0

Persistent cron jobs manager

6.755 Descargas

fog-proxmox 0.9.0

This library can be used as a module for `fog`.

6.227 Descargas

fasterer-github 0.2.3

Fasterer extension which allows to scan github repo.

6.052 Descargas

codebreaker_diz 0.2.9

Game for true Hackers

5.490 Descargas

codebreaker_paratskiy 0.2.4

Write a longer description or delete this line.

4.339 Descargas

gem_codebreaker_amidasd 0.2.0

My first ruby gem Codebreaker

3.827 Descargas

data_crate 0.1.8


3.792 Descargas

codebreaker_rg_game 1.11


3.641 Descargas

genderize-io 1.2.0 Ruby SDK for interacting with the API.

3.581 Descargas

Total de descargas 871.476

Para esta versión 39.523

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