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Reverse dependencies for faraday-cookie_jar Latest version of the following gems require faraday-cookie_jar

fastlane 2.185.0

The easiest way to automate beta deployments and releases for your iOS and Android apps

49,338,619 下載

ms_rest_azure 0.12.0

Azure Client Library for Ruby.

8,986,738 下載

spaceship 1.0.0

Ruby library to access the Apple Dev Center and iTunes Connect

1,517,069 下載

metainspector 5.11.1

MetaInspector lets you scrape a web page and get its links, images, texts, meta tags...

1,278,523 下載

eyes_core 3.18.2

Don't use it directly, take a look at eyes_selenium, eyes_images or eyes_calabash gems ...

623,830 下載

mediawiki_api 0.7.1

Uses adapter-agnostic Faraday gem to talk to MediaWiki API.

372,028 下載

xclarity_client 0.6.8

Lenovo XClarity API Client

156,533 下載

sumologic 0.1.0

Ruby Sumo Logic SDK for the Sumo Logic REST API

35,613 下載

takuhai_status 1.9.1

get delivery status of Takuhai-bin in Japan

28,190 下載

scooter 4.3.2

Puppetlabs testing tool coupled with Beaker

24,392 下載

nexaas_id-client 0.7.4

A Ruby client for the Nexaas ID REST API

23,410 下載

goodbye_chatwork 0.0.8

This is Chatwork( log exporter. This can be used also when you can not use...

19,042 下載

you_track 0.4.8

YouTrack 6.x API Client

15,402 下載

faraday_csrf 0.1.0

Transparently handles Rails (and maybe not only Rails) CSRF protection, in case you nee...

14,890 下載

whatcd 0.3.0

An API wrapper for's JSON API

12,966 下載

insta_scraper 0.8.0

Scrapes Instagram accounts public data

11,773 下載

regis 0.0.13

The REGIS API as typed models

11,182 下載

pantograph 0.1.22

A way to automate your apps, forked from Fastlane

8,670 下載

sysdig 0.3.1

Ruby Sysdig Cloud API Client

6,727 下載

acumatica 0.4.0

A wrapper for the acumatica API

6,427 下載

wonko_the_sane 0.1.6

Pre-processing and format-unification of various resources mainly related to Minecraft

6,091 下載

idonethis-client 0.0.3

A simple client for connecting with and getting data iDoneThis.

5,941 下載

softbank-healthcare-client 0.0.5

Softbank HealthCare Client for Ruby

5,892 下載

fastlane_iac_publish 0.1.5

The easiest way to automate beta deployments and releases for your iOS and Android apps

4,913 下載

poster 0.0.5

Poster is a tool that helps with repetitive tasks (like forum posting) automation.

4,306 下載

uqam_grade_notification 0.2.1

Sends notification when notes are added.

4,217 下載

green_day 0.3.1

CLI tool for AtCoder and Ruby

4,197 下載

purest 1.0.6

A ruby gem for interacting with PURE storage's REST API

3,733 下載

jekyll-link-checker 0.2.2

Verifies that all the links in a Jekyll website are valid.It can also work with any sta...

3,631 下載

ruboty-jobcan 0.2.0

Ruboty plug-in for punching the clock on JOBCAN.

3,250 下載

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