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deviseの被依存性 Latest version of the following gems require devise

devise_invitable 2.0.2

It adds support for send invitations by email (it requires to be authenticated) and acc...

9,274,514 ダウンロード

devise-two-factor 3.1.0

Barebones two-factor authentication with Devise

7,581,119 ダウンロード

derailed_benchmarks 1.8.1

Go faster, off the Rails

6,803,808 ダウンロード

devise-authy 2.2.1

Authy plugin to add two factor authentication to Devise.

6,688,342 ダウンロード

devise-encryptable 0.2.0

Encryption solution for salted-encryptors on Devise

4,871,885 ダウンロード

devise-i18n 1.9.2

Translations for the devise gem

4,324,543 ダウンロード

devise-async 1.0.0

Devise Async provides an easy way to configure Devise to send its emails asynchronously...

4,273,792 ダウンロード

devise_token_auth 1.1.4

For use with client side single page apps such as the venerable

2,619,690 ダウンロード

devise-security 0.14.3

An enterprise security extension for devise.

2,341,810 ダウンロード

devise-jwt 0.8.0

JWT authentication for devise with configurable token revocation strategies

2,267,494 ダウンロード

simple_token_authentication 1.17.0

Simple (but safe) token authentication for Rails apps or API with Devise.

2,208,553 ダウンロード

devise_security_extension 0.10.0

An enterprise security extension for devise, trying to meet industrial standard securit...

1,902,364 ダウンロード

devise_saml_authenticatable 1.6.2

SAML Authentication for devise

1,469,179 ダウンロード

devise_ldap_authenticatable 0.8.7

Devise extension to allow authentication via LDAP

938,397 ダウンロード

milia 1.3.1

Transparent multi-tenanting for web applications based on Rails and Devise

814,637 ダウンロード

two_factor_authentication 2.2.0

### Features ### * control sms code pattern * configure max login attempts ...

708,288 ダウンロード

solidus_auth_devise 2.5.1

Provides authentication and authorization services for use with Solidus by using Devise...

508,267 ダウンロード

devise_masquerade 1.2.0

devise masquerade library

454,143 ダウンロード

spree_auth_devise 4.2.0

Provides authentication and authorization services for use with Spree by using Devise a...

432,935 ダウンロード

devise-guests 0.7.0

Guest user implementation for devise

364,004 ダウンロード

devise_zxcvbn 5.1.0

This gems works with devise to provide backend password strength checking via zxcvbn-js...

352,201 ダウンロード

redactor-rails 0.5.0

The redactor-rails gem integrates the Redactor editor

319,895 ダウンロード

refinerycms-authentication 2.1.5

The default authentication extension for Refinery CMS

288,772 ダウンロード

devise_cas_authenticatable 1.10.4

CAS authentication module for Devise

259,095 ダウンロード

old_sql 1.65.0

OldSQL is a Rails Engine database reporting gem that uses plain old SQL

255,261 ダウンロード

social_stream-base 2.2.2

Social Stream is a Ruby on Rails engine providing your application with social networki...

255,082 ダウンロード

authtrail 0.2.1

Track Devise login activity

239,027 ダウンロード

contour 3.0.1

Basic Rails Framework files and assets for layout and authentication

235,352 ダウンロード

doorkeeper-grants_assertion 0.3.0

Assertion grant extension for Doorkeeper.

217,692 ダウンロード

devise-doorkeeper 1.1.2

Support authentication via OAuth2 tokens dispensed from the Doorkeeper authorization flow

209,312 ダウンロード

累計ダウンロード数 84,461,131

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