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dentaku 的反向依赖 Latest version of the following gems require dentaku

origen 0.60.7

The Semiconductor Developer's Kit

288,382 下载

sensu-plugins-influxdb 2.0.0

This plugin provides native InfluxDB instrumentation for ...

159,761 下载

origen_testers 0.51.0

This plugin provides Origen tester models to drive ATE type testers like the J750, Ultr...

131,932 下载

sensu-plugins-postgres 4.2.0

This plugin provides native PostgreSQL instrumentation fo...

97,147 下载

test_ids 1.2.3

Origen plugin to assign and track test program bins and test numbers

26,117 下载

sensu-plugins-oracle 0.10.2

This plugin provides native Oracle instrumentation.

19,107 下载

sensu-plugins-influxdb-q 0.0.9

This plugin provides facilities for running queries against InfluxDB

18,344 下载

heapinfo 1.2.0

Create an interactive memory info interface while pwn / exploiting. Useful for rubiers ...

16,548 下载

floor_calculator 0.4.7

Calculate offer floor using dentaku

15,259 下载

tsdb_time_series 4.1.2

Provides a set of tools for working with time series data in OpenTSDB data store

14,236 下载

sheng 0.7.1

A Ruby gem for data merging Word documents.

13,901 下载

memory_io 0.2.0

Read/Write complicated structures in memory easily.

10,712 下载

pwntools 1.2.1

Rewrite in ruby. Implement useful/easy functio...

8,149 下载

sensu-plugins-green-dragon 0.1.7

Custom Sensu plugins used by the Green Dragons

7,640 下载

functio 0.1.1

Functio is a calculator that allows you to create and manage functions for your recurre...

3,294 下载

sensu-plugins-odoo 0.0.1

This plugin provides native Odoo ERP instrumentation for ...

1,602 下载

zippyshare 1.1

Simple script to download files from Zippyshare.

1,334 下载

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这个版本 99,082

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