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Dependencias inversas para dentaku Latest version of the following gems require dentaku

origen 0.60.5

The Semiconductor Developer's Kit

251.886 Descargas

sensu-plugins-influxdb 2.0.0

This plugin provides native InfluxDB instrumentation for ...

157.006 Descargas

origen_testers 0.49.3

This plugin provides Origen tester models to drive ATE type testers like the J750, Ultr...

114.301 Descargas

sensu-plugins-postgres 4.2.0

This plugin provides native PostgreSQL instrumentation fo...

90.265 Descargas

test_ids 1.2.2

Origen plugin to assign and track test program bins and test numbers

21.449 Descargas

sensu-plugins-influxdb-q 0.0.9

This plugin provides facilities for running queries against InfluxDB

16.752 Descargas

sensu-plugins-oracle 0.10.2

This plugin provides native Oracle instrumentation.

16.304 Descargas

heapinfo 1.2.0

Create an interactive memory info interface while pwn / exploiting. Useful for rubiers ...

14.413 Descargas

tsdb_time_series 4.1.2

Provides a set of tools for working with time series data in OpenTSDB data store

14.033 Descargas

floor_calculator 0.4.7

Calculate offer floor using dentaku

12.501 Descargas

sheng 0.7.1

A Ruby gem for data merging Word documents.

12.484 Descargas

memory_io 0.2.0

Read/Write complicated structures in memory easily.

9.464 Descargas

pwntools 1.2.1

Rewrite in ruby. Implement useful/easy functio...

6.818 Descargas

sensu-plugins-green-dragon 0.1.7

Custom Sensu plugins used by the Green Dragons

6.394 Descargas

functio 0.1.1

Functio is a calculator that allows you to create and manage functions for your recurre...

2.920 Descargas

sensu-plugins-odoo 0.0.1

This plugin provides native Odoo ERP instrumentation for ...

1.400 Descargas

zippyshare 1.1

Simple script to download files from Zippyshare.

1.124 Descargas

Total de descargas 5.295.231

Para esta versión 181.759

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