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defaceの被依存性 Latest version of the following gems require deface

solidus_auth_devise 2.5.3

Provides authentication and authorization services for use with Solidus by using Devise...

886,075 ダウンロード

social_stream-base 2.2.2

Social Stream is a Ruby on Rails engine providing your application with social networki...

290,668 ダウンロード


Katello adds Content and Subscription Management to Foreman. For this it relies on Cand...

141,922 ダウンロード

staypuft 0.5.26

OpenStack Foreman Installer Plugin

129,364 ダウンロード

foreman_remote_execution 4.8.0

A plugin bringing remote execution to the Foreman, completing the config management fun...

116,782 ダウンロード

foreman_docker 5.0.0

This version does not provide any functionality and only makes plugin removal easier.

106,711 ダウンロード

foreman_ansible 6.4.1

Ansible integration with Foreman

76,399 ダウンロード

chili 4.0.1

The spicy feature toggle framework

72,892 ダウンロード

solidus_related_products 1.1.0

Allows multiple types of relationships between products to be defined

61,876 ダウンロード

foreman_users 1.2.3


55,646 ダウンロード

foreman_salt 14.0.0

Foreman Plug-in for Salt

54,634 ダウンロード

foreman_packages 1.1.6


51,858 ダウンロード

solidus_multi_domain 1.5.0

Multiple Solidus stores on different domains - single unified backed for processing ord...

47,038 ダウンロード

refinerycms-llama_widgets 0.4.0

Ruby on Rails Widgets extension for Refinery CMS

38,629 ダウンロード

spree_analytics_trackers 2.1.1

Supports Google Analytics

37,805 ダウンロード

foreman_chef 0.10.0

Foreman extensions that are required for better Chef integration.

37,172 ダウンロード

alchemy-solidus 3.3.0

A AlchemyCMS and Solidus integration

36,944 ダウンロード

solidus_comments 1.0.1

Adds comments to the solidus admin

33,193 ダウンロード

solidus_social 1.4.0

Adds social network login services (OAuth) to Solidus

30,747 ダウンロード

foreman_fog_proxmox 0.14.0

Foreman plugin adds Proxmox VE compute resource using fog-proxmox. It is compatible wit...

24,690 ダウンロード

foreman-katello-engine 0.0.19

Katello specific parts of Foreman

23,369 ダウンロード

solidus_editor 1.0.0

Currently supported editors are CKEditor and TinyMCE

19,686 ダウンロード

foreman_expire_hosts 7.0.4

A Foreman plugin that allows hosts to expire at a configurable date. Hosts will be shut...

18,342 ダウンロード

mokio 2.0.8

Mokio is a Content Management System that allows creation of sophisticated websites...

17,431 ダウンロード

gaku_frontend 0.3.0

The default Rails front end for GAKU Engine, with web views etc.

15,547 ダウンロード

foreman_column_view 0.4.0

Displays an additional column in the Foreman Hosts view and/or additional entries in ...

13,624 ダウンロード

solidus_volume_pricing 1.0.0

Allow prices to be configured in quantity ranges for each variant

13,564 ダウンロード

solidus_paypal_commerce_platform 0.3.2

Integrate Solidus with Paypal Commerce Platform

13,219 ダウンロード

foreman_dhcp_browser 0.0.8

Plugin for Foreman to browse and add/edit/delete DHCP leases independent of Foreman's h...

13,043 ダウンロード

foreman_abrt 0.0.7

Foreman plugin that allows you to see problem reports submitted by Automatic Bug Report...

12,356 ダウンロード

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