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webmock 3.12.0

WebMock allows stubbing HTTP requests and setting expectations on HTTP requests.

104,107,786 下載

ruby-fogbugz 0.3.0

A simple Ruby wrapper for the Fogbugz XML API

6,227,277 下載

pivotal-tracker 0.5.13

Ruby wrapper for the Pivotal Tracker API

646,899 下載

LitleOnline 11.0.0

Vantiv eCommerce Online Ruby SDK created for version 11.0 of Vantiv eCommerce XML forma...

531,710 下載

flexirest 1.10.3

Accessing REST services in a flexible way

354,156 下載

ruby-pardot 1.4.0

Library for interacting with the Pardot API

246,629 下載

bosh_agent 1.2652.0

This agent listens for instructions from the bosh director on each server that bosh man...

244,950 下載

madmimi 1.1.2

Send emails, track statistics, and manage your subscriber base with ease.

186,666 下載

active_rest_client 1.2.0

Accessing REST services in an ActiveRecord style

160,698 下載

jiralicious 0.5.0

A Ruby library for interacting with JIRA's REST API

124,434 下載

asin 2.1.0

Amazon Simple INterface - Support for ItemLookup, SimilarityLookup, Search, BrowseNode ...

118,658 下載

cloudkick 0.2.16

Ruby interface to the Cloudkick API

113,073 下載

twilio-rb 2.3.0

A nice Ruby wrapper for the Twilio REST API

103,896 下載

learn-test 3.3.1

Runs RSpec, Karma, Mocha, and Python Pytest Test builds and pushes JSON output to Learn.

101,887 下載

vagrant-mos 0.9.61

Enables Vagrant to manage machines in MOS.

92,368 下載

sinatra_resource 0.4.24

A DSL for creating RESTful actions with Sinatra and MongoMapper. It embraces the Resour...

91,434 下載

yourls 0.1.1

Use the Yourls API to shorten or expand URLs

91,257 下載

rack-oauth2-server 2.8.1

Because you don't allow strangers into your app, and OAuth 2.0 is the new awesome.

87,507 下載

whos_using_what 1.1.4

What companies are using what technologies

64,389 下載

vagrant-mcs 0.8.39

Enables Vagrant to manage machines in MCS.

63,209 下載

pickler 0.2.1

Synchronize between Cucumber and Pivotal Tracker

61,779 下載

a2z 0.1.3

Ruby DSL for Amazon Product Advertising API

56,462 下載

emailvision 2.2

REST API wrapper interacting with Emailvision

55,737 下載

rightresource 0.4.5

RightScale Resource API wrapper. see. RightScale API

55,501 下載

songkickr 0.5.5

A Ruby wrapper around the Songkick API. Visit for documentat...

52,786 下載

sensu-plugins-varnish 1.1.2

Sensu plugins for varnish

49,494 下載

amaze_sns 2.2.0

Ruby gem to interface with the Amazon Simple Notification Service

45,220 下載

swirl 1.7.5

A version agnostic EC2 ruby driver

43,836 下載

parka 0.8.0

Simple gem building using bundler

42,649 下載

sensu-plugins-tomcat 0.2.0

Sensu plugins for Tomcat

42,125 下載

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