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chunky_pngの被依存性 Latest version of the following gems require chunky_png

br_invoices_pdf 0.2.24

Brazilian Fiscal Documents PDF generator

70,290 ダウンロード

qrencoder 1.4.1

This Gem is a wrapper around an useful open-source library for creating QR Codes, a t...

64,030 ダウンロード

glimmer-dsl-libui 0.5.11

Glimmer DSL for LibUI (Prerequisite-Free Ruby Desktop Development GUI Library) - Winner...

62,640 ダウンロード

watchdoge 0.1.28

WatchDoge is RubyOnRails-friendly web frontend regression test tool

60,281 ダウンロード

evercookie 0.1.2

Gem for placing and getting evercookie for rails application

55,149 ダウンロード

ruby_identicon 0.0.6

A Ruby implementation of go-identicon by Damian Gryski RubyIdenticon creates an id...

54,868 ダウンロード

cova 0.2.1

Cova removes a lot of the complexity that comes with designing, coding, testing, protot...

54,469 ダウンロード

happo 2.8.5

Happo, a perceptual diff tool for JS components

49,991 ダウンロード

watir-extensions-element-screenshot 0.0.3

Extend Watir to be able to screenshot any element

49,948 ダウンロード

compatriot 1.0.0

Compare screenshots in your tests!

48,816 ダウンロード


[tam-vo/sprite-factory v1.6.4.5] Combines individual images from a directory into a sin...

45,454 ダウンロード

technical_graph 0.6.1

Purpose of this gem is to create neat, simple, technical graphs. This is alternative to...

40,123 ダウンロード

spritely 2.1.0

Hooks into the Sprockets asset packaging system to allow you to easily generate sprite ...

39,961 ダウンロード

vae 0.9.5

Supports local development for Vae Platform (

39,840 ダウンロード

tensor_stream 1.0.9

A reimplementation of TensorFlow for ruby. This is a ground up implementation with no d...

37,922 ダウンロード

eric_weixin 0.4.2


34,451 ダウンロード

brocade 1.3.0

Generates barcodes for Rails ActiveRecord models.

32,389 ダウンロード

isomorfeus-puppetmaster 0.6.7

Acceptance testing for isomorfeus.

31,877 ダウンロード

tableau_api 4.1.0

Ruby interface to the Tableau API.

31,274 ダウンロード

gnuplotrb 0.4.0

Renewed ruby bindings for gnuplot. Started at GSoC 2015.

31,167 ダウンロード

inch-badge 0.4.1

Rubygem used to generate badges for Inch

30,381 ダウンロード

escpos-image 0.0.11

A ruby implementation of ESC/POS (thermal) printer image command specification.

30,044 ダウンロード

axiomus_api 0.6.1

This gem provides a Ruby wrapper over Axiomus API.

28,437 ダウンロード

barby-chunky_png 0.3.4

A pure-Ruby barcode generator that works in 1.9.2, for me!, its a fork some other barby...

27,365 ダウンロード

gpx2exif 0.3.1

Mass geotagger using GPX files.

26,503 ダウンロード

read_ipa 2.2.0

Extract metadata from iOS packages such as the app name, the app icons or the binary fi...

25,683 ダウンロード

compass-sourcemaps 0.12.4.sourcemaps.a4836f1

Compass is a Sass-based Stylesheet Framework that streamlines the creation and maintena...

25,163 ダウンロード

pngqr 0.6

Ruby Gem to generate PNG files with QR codes in them

24,144 ダウンロード

pageflow-linkmap-page 2.7.1

Pageflow page type for a page that contains customizable link areas

23,943 ダウンロード

likadan 0.0.14

Likadan, a perceptual diff tool for JS components

23,071 ダウンロード

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