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bullet 的反向依赖 Latest version of the following gems require bullet


istox backend shared gem

204,676 下载

carnival 0.3.2

Carnival is an easy-to-use and extensible Rails Engine to speed the development of data...

89,543 下载

minimum_viable_product 0.7.15

Built for Developers. Ideal for MVPs, product ideation and validation.

75,391 下载

helpdesk 0.0.42

Helpesk includes: tickets, ticket types, email-notification, FAQ, subscribers

44,401 下载

ikazuchi 1.2.1

meta-package of useful gems for rails development

32,991 下载

developmentkit 0.2.2

standard gem set for development

23,635 下载

bullet_uniform_notifier_mysql 0.1.0

Bullet uniform_notifier for mysql

17,759 下载

binda 0.1.11

A modular CMS for Ruby on Rails 5 with an intuitive out-of-the-box interface to manage ...

16,304 下载

speedup-rails 0.0.15

SpeedUpRails is written in hope it will help develop faster rails applications.

10,875 下载

komachi-develop 0.3.0

development Gem set

10,248 下载

minimum-viable-product 0.0.7

Built for Developers. Ideal for MVPs, product ideation and validation.

6,309 下载

gemnica 0.0.2

Utility gems pack

4,081 下载

dokno 1.4.5

Dokno allows you to easily mount a self-contained knowledgebase / wiki / help system to...

3,680 下载

lcms-engine 0.3.1

Implements common components and features for Rails-based LCMS systems

3,398 下载

discussion 0.0.1

A gem to manage a thread discussion with ajax support.

2,793 下载

vehiculum_audit 0.0.7

No one expects the code audit

2,488 下载

russian_roulette 0.0.1

Enables bullet to run from time to time - so it's not annoying but you still check your...

2,254 下载

fixings 0.1.2

Easy rails setup with infrastructure and a bunch of handy correctness pieces

2,094 下载

lo-suspenders 2.1.2

A fork of the thoughbot suspenders gem.

1,458 下载

code_optimization 0.1.3

The best way to write a code called as code optimization. The best ways are ruby styleg...

1,148 下载

bullet-board 0.1.0

Build performance status report that outlines the source of N+1 queries.

1,124 下载

cnfs-core 0.0.1.alpha

Base controller, model, resource and policy classes; authentication with JWT, per reque...

566 下载

下载总次数 45,257,214

这个版本 1,534,043

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需要的 Ruby 版本: >= 2.3

需要的 RubyGems 版本: >= 1.3.6