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activerecord-import 的反向依赖 Latest version of the following gems require activerecord-import

seed_dump 3.3.1

Dump (parts) of your database to db/seeds.rb to get a headstart creating a meaningful s...

3,528,439 下载

rails_event_store_active_record 2.3.0

Persistent event repository implementation for RubyEventStore based on ActiveRecord. Sh...

1,213,492 下载

upsert 2.9.10

Make it easy to upsert on MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQLite3. Transparently creates merge f...

1,016,519 下载

upsert 2.9.10

Make it easy to upsert on MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQLite3. Transparently creates merge f...

1,016,519 下载

active_admin_import 5.0.0

The most efficient way to import for Active Admin

487,332 下载

amountable 0.4.0

With Amountable, you can easily attach, organize and sum Ruby money fields to your mode...

329,624 下载

paperclip-azure 1.0.4

Paperclip-Azure is a [Paperclip]( storage drive...

287,041 下载

qa 5.7.0

Provides a set of uniform RESTful routes to query any controlled vocabulary or set of a...

207,759 下载

katello 4.3.0

Katello adds Content and Subscription Management to Foreman. For this it relies on Cand...

171,577 下载

renalware-core 2.1.1

Renalware uses demographic, clinical, pathology, and nephrology datasets to improve pat...

162,763 下载

card 1.104.2

Cards are wiki-inspired data atoms.Card "Sharks" use links, nests, types, patterned nam...

160,956 下载

constructor-pages 0.9.1

Pages for Constructor CMS

153,098 下载

fluent-plugin-sql 2.3.0

SQL input/output plugin for Fluentd event collector

143,540 下载

sufia-models 6.7.0

Models and services for sufia

116,552 下载

activerecord-turntable 4.4.1

ActiveRecord sharding extension

105,681 下载

vorpal 1.4.0

An ORM framelet that fits on top of ActiveRecord to give you 'Data Mapper' semantics.

99,537 下载

snp-search 2.12.0

Use the snp-search tool to create, import, manipulate and query your SNP database

94,185 下载

activerecord-import-sqlserver 0.1.1

A library for bulk inserting data using ActiveRecord and SQL Server.

87,476 下载

bridge_cache 0.3.24

A mountable engine for bridge data storage, can either be used for di...

82,825 下载

ken_all 0.4.0

Japanese postal code tools.

79,904 下载

bigbluebutton_rails 3.0.0

Allows access and use of BigBlueButton from a Ruby on Rails application

72,771 下载

http_utilities 1.4.3

Wrapper for Faraday with additional functionality

58,123 下载

deimos-ruby 1.12.4

Kafka libraries for Ruby.

52,388 下载

eager_group 0.8.1

Fix n+1 aggregate sql functions for rails

51,302 下载

awesome_explain 1.0.1

AwesomeExplain provides the same APM level of query analysis under your development and...

50,622 下载

jsonapionify 0.12.10

Ruby object structure conforming to the JSON API spec.

48,681 下载

active_git 0.0.10

DB and GIT synchronization via ActiveRecord and GitWrapper

48,515 下载

csv_step_importer 0.15.3

Import your CSV files in multiple steps

46,614 下载

change_log 2.0.2

A gem for tracking who did what and when it happened -- keeps all the changes done by u...

44,639 下载

redshift-connector 7.2.2

redshift-connector is a bulk data connector for Rails (ActiveRecord).

39,076 下载

下载总次数 52,321,304

这个版本 170,490

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需要的 Ruby 版本: >= 2.4.0