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Reverse dependencies for actionview Latest version of the following gems require actionview

actionpack 6.1.3

Web apps on Rails. Simple, battle-tested conventions for building and testing MVC web a...

275,391,840 下載

rails 6.1.3

Ruby on Rails is a full-stack web framework optimized for programmer happiness and sust...

267,794,295 下載

actionmailer 6.1.3

Email on Rails. Compose, deliver, and test emails using the familiar controller/view pa...

262,856,884 下載

railties 6.1.3

Rails internals: application bootup, plugins, generators, and rake tasks.

260,672,315 下載

web-console 4.1.0

A debugging tool for your Ruby on Rails applications.

46,334,235 下載

kaminari-actionview 1.2.1

kaminari-actionview provides pagination helpers for your Action View templates

44,582,644 下載

rails-controller-testing 1.0.5

Extracting `assigns` and `assert_template` from ActionDispatch.

37,473,326 下載

gretel 4.2.0

Gretel is a Ruby on Rails plugin that makes it easy yet flexible to create breadcrumbs.

2,224,891 下載

record_tag_helper 1.0.1

ActionView Record Tag Helpers

2,100,155 下載

better_html 1.0.16

Better HTML for Rails. Provides sane html helpers that make it easier to do the right t...

1,506,240 下載

crystalball 0.7.0

Provides simple way to integrate regression test selection approach to your RSpec test ...

1,485,271 下載

administrate 0.14.0

Administrate is heavily inspired by projects like Rails Admin and ActiveAdmin, but aims...

1,421,139 下載

offsite_payments 2.7.28

Offsite Payments is a simple abstraction library used in and sponsored by Shopify. It i...

1,110,130 下載

solidus_core 2.11.4

Essential models, mailers, and classes for the Solidus e-commerce project.

625,872 下載

hiptest-publisher 3.0.0

Provides a command-line tool that generates Java, Python or Ruby code to run the tests.

456,192 下載

rubocop-github 0.16.1

Code style checking for GitHub Ruby repositories

416,600 下載

rabl-rails 0.6.0

Fast Rails 4+ templating system with JSON, XML and PList support

407,890 下載

honeypot-captcha 1.0.1

A simple way to add honeypot captchas to Rails forms

284,415 下載

playbook_ui 8.0.0

Playbook Design System. Built for Nitro, but powering all.

242,789 下載

govspeak 6.6.0

A set of extensions to markdown layered on top of the kramdown library for use in the U...

241,467 下載

searchlight 4.1.0

Searchlight is a low-magic way to build database searches using an ORM. It's compatible...

208,611 下載

jets 3.0.2

Jets is a framework that allows you to create serverless applications with a beautiful ...

183,834 下載

mail-notify 1.0.4

ActionMailer support for the GOV.UK Notify API

179,205 下載

breadcrumbs 0.2.0

Breadcrumbs is a simple plugin that adds a `breadcrumbs` object to controllers and views.

160,344 下載

govuk_design_system_formbuilder 2.1.9

A Rails form builder that generates form inputs adhering to the GOV.UK Design System

155,550 下載

killbill 9.4.1

Base classes to write plugins.

121,903 下載

translate_enum 0.1.3

Simple, zero-dependant enum translation gem for Rails

118,530 下載

actionview_precompiler 0.2.3

Parses templates for render calls and uses them to precompile

96,439 下載

action_widget 0.8.0

Reusable view components for your Ruby web application

95,362 下載

activerecord-turntable 4.4.1

ActiveRecord sharding extension

87,951 下載

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