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Dependencias inversas para whenever Latest version of the following gems require whenever

whenever-test 1.0.1

Whenever gem doesn't provide test support, so whenever-test makes that possible

1.702.197 Descargas

fullstack-cms 0.4.6

CMS system built on fullstack

263.349 Descargas

bonethug 0.0.99

Project Skeleton Manager

258.345 Descargas

renalware-core 2.1.1

Renalware uses demographic, clinical, pathology, and nephrology datasets to improve pat...

218.096 Descargas

negroku 2.8.6

Deploy applications right out of the box using nginx, unicorn, bower, rails, etc

129.854 Descargas

whenever-elasticbeanstalk 1.1.6

Use Whenever on AWS Elastic Beanstalk

113.821 Descargas

kimurai 1.4.0

Modern web scraping framework written in Ruby and based on Capybara/Nokogiri

91.652 Descargas


Description of OpenteamCommons.

77.186 Descargas

virgo 0.3.17

Virgo is a comprehensive team blogging tool for Ruby on Rails

75.181 Descargas

capistrano_evrone_recipes 0.1.21

Capistrano recipes used in evrone company

67.317 Descargas

esp-permissions 0.1.0

Description of EspPermissions.

61.821 Descargas

lentil 1.0.5

lentil supports the harvesting of images from Instagram and provides several browsing v...

60.084 Descargas


【react&rails】notee is creating CMS(blog) gem by only one command.

58.337 Descargas

h2ocube_rails_development 0.7.1

Just a collection for development gems

54.336 Descargas

dataduck 1.2.3

A straightforward, effective ETL framework.

51.947 Descargas

shoulda-whenever 0.0.2

This gem is designed to make it easier to test that the schedule you built with the 'wh...

45.836 Descargas

robot-controller 2.1.1

Monitors and controls running workflow robots off of priority queues and within a cluster

43.259 Descargas

fxpotato 2.0.4

Uses last daily feed from European Central Bank website, and exposes a simple interface...

37.640 Descargas

babot 0.6.1

A simple tool to manage Twitter bots

33.669 Descargas

clipster 0.5.3

Code clips before they were cool. See README for deployment information

30.852 Descargas

backup_rails 0.0.9

Easy use backup gem with Rails.

30.770 Descargas

twog 0.3.6

Tool to tweet blog posts

28.817 Descargas

internet_box_logger 1.0.2

Logs information gathered from your internet box and stores into ElasticSearch for disp...

26.747 Descargas

simply_notify 0.4.1

Delivers notifications by email to website users

26.654 Descargas

terra_boi 1.1.3

Deploy your rails application to AWS with `rake deploy`. This ruby / rails gem was cre...

26.301 Descargas

goldencobra 2.3.4

This is the basic module of Golden Cobra. It offers Devise, ActiveAdmin, an article mod...

20.641 Descargas

acquire_stockinfo_from_yahoo 0.0.5

It will acquire a stock infomations form yahoofinance, although I am very sorry to Yahoo!.

19.954 Descargas

jobbr 1.1.5

Jobbr provideds a convenient framework and UI to make your Cron jobs and Scheduled Jobs...

19.313 Descargas

backup-rails 1.0.5

Backup rails project with backup & whenever gems

18.183 Descargas

elibri_connect 0.1.7

Gem designed to allow easy addition of elibri based product system to your application....

18.035 Descargas

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