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Dependencias inversas para stackprof 0.2.15

ruby-kafka 1.0.0

A client library for the Kafka distributed commit log.

11.365.600 Descargas

rpush 5.0.0

The push notification service for Ruby.

1.576.235 Descargas

identity_cache 1.0.1

Opt-in read through Active Record caching.

1.470.845 Descargas

pragmatic_segmenter 0.3.22

Pragmatic Segmenter is a sentence segmentation tool for Ruby. It allows you to split a ...

210.816 Descargas

wpscan 3.8.1

WPScan is a black box WordPress vulnerability scanner.

122.846 Descargas

kaui 2.0.2

Rails UI plugin for Killbill administration.

117.638 Descargas

liquid-c 4.0.0

Liquid performance extension in C

89.624 Descargas

pragmatic_tokenizer 3.0.7

A multilingual tokenizer to split a string into tokens.

55.149 Descargas

confidential_info_redactor_lite 1.0.12

The lite version of - include you...

47.982 Descargas

activerecord-bixformer 0.4.19

a framework for xross transformer between ActiveRecord and other format.

39.197 Descargas

better_struct 0.3.1

Use your data without pain

38.032 Descargas

word_count_analyzer 1.0.1

Word Count Analyzer is a Ruby gem that analyzes a string for potential areas of the tex...

30.424 Descargas

kommando 0.1.2

Great for integration testing.

27.842 Descargas

stackprof-webnav 1.0.0

Provides the ability to analyze StackProf dumps

22.492 Descargas

upfluence-utils 0.7.0

Upfluence common utils for Ruby projects

16.318 Descargas

stackprof-remote 0.1.0

stackprof-remote consists of a middleware for easy creation and retreival of ...

16.103 Descargas

hotch 0.5.1

Callstack and memory profiler

12.796 Descargas

rhcf-timeseries 1.0.3

Gem to allow your system to keep record of time series on rhcf

12.559 Descargas

app_profiler 0.0.4

Collect performance profiles for your Rails application.

11.334 Descargas

unicode_case_converter 1.0.0

A pure Ruby implementation to upcase and downcase unicode strings

10.346 Descargas

sparsematrix 0.1.1

Sparse matrix implementations (just Yale currently) in pure Ruby.

9.629 Descargas

stack_frames 0.1.0

Zero allocation backtraces using MRI's profile frames API

8.753 Descargas

gruf-profiler 1.0.0

Adds memory reporting and rbtrace to gruf servers

8.106 Descargas

stackflame 0.2.5

Stackflame provides a simple API to deal with Flamegraph of stackprof.

6.966 Descargas

pub_grub 0.5.0

A version solver based on dart's PubGrub

6.883 Descargas

arel_toolkit 0.4.2

ArelToolkit contains parsing, querying, modifying, optimisations, extensions and more f...

6.374 Descargas

flows 0.5.0

Ruby framework for building your Business Logic Layer inside Rails and other frameworks.

6.311 Descargas

tantot 0.1.10

Centralize and delay changes to multiple ActiveRecord models to offload processing of c...

6.150 Descargas

time_rounder 0.5.0

Round time using logic and not complex math.

5.226 Descargas

stackprof-run 0.4.3

Run a ruby script with stackprof.

3.920 Descargas

Total de descargas 13.697.590

Para esta versión 837.688

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