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Dependencias inversas para sprockets 4.0.0

sprockets-rails 3.2.1

Sprockets Rails integration

162.546.331 Descargas

rails_serve_static_assets 0.0.5

Force Rails to serve static assets

20.326.918 Descargas

less-rails 5.0.0

The dynamic stylesheet language for the Rails asset pipeline. Allows other gems to exte...

13.073.137 Descargas

sassc-rails 2.1.2

Integrate SassC-Ruby into Rails.

12.827.030 Descargas

compass-rails 4.0.0

Integrate Compass into Rails 3.0 and up.

12.023.430 Descargas

activeadmin 2.7.0

The administration framework for Ruby on Rails.

8.765.101 Descargas

sidekiq-failures 1.0.0

Keep track of Sidekiq failed jobs

6.411.753 Descargas

handlebars_assets 0.23.8

A Railties Gem to compile hbs assets

4.979.149 Descargas

grease 0.3.2

Grease provides an adapter to use Tilt as extension of Sprockets 3 or later.

4.962.019 Descargas

non-stupid-digest-assets 1.0.9

Rails 4, much to everyone's annoyance, provides no option to generate both digest a...

4.760.681 Descargas

mailcatcher 0.7.1

MailCatcher runs a super simple SMTP server which catches any message sent to it to...

4.713.876 Descargas

sprockets-es6 0.9.2

A Sprockets transformer that converts ES6 code into vanilla ES5 with Babel JS.

4.640.225 Descargas

turbo-sprockets-rails3 0.3.14

Speeds up the Rails 3 asset pipeline by only recompiling changed assets

3.248.560 Descargas

deckar01-task_list 2.3.1

Markdown TaskList components

2.774.951 Descargas

angular-rails-templates 1.1.0

Use your angular templates with rails' asset pipeline

2.745.687 Descargas

canonical-rails 0.2.8

Configurable, but assumes a conservative strategy by default with a goal to solve many ...

2.310.943 Descargas

grape-swagger-rails 0.3.1

Swagger UI as Rails Engine for grape-swagger gem

2.272.054 Descargas

sprockets-sass 1.3.1

When using Sprockets 2.0 with Sass you will eventually run into a pretty big issue. `//...

2.250.717 Descargas

devise_token_auth 1.1.4

For use with client side single page apps such as the venerable

2.197.874 Descargas

sprockets-helpers 1.3.0

Asset path helpers for Sprockets 2.x & 3.x applications

2.165.523 Descargas

middleman-sprockets 4.1.1

Sprockets support for Middleman

1.895.193 Descargas

gmaps4rails 2.1.2

Enables easy Google map + overlays creation.

1.789.235 Descargas

haml_coffee_assets 1.18.0

Compile Haml CoffeeScript templates in the Rails asset pipeline.

1.650.203 Descargas

browserify-rails 4.4.0

Browserify + Rails = CommonJS Heaven

1.573.696 Descargas

spree_core 4.1.6

The bare bones necessary for Spree.

1.187.558 Descargas

css_splitter 0.4.6

Gem for splitting up stylesheets that go beyond the IE limit of 4095 selectors, for Rai...

1.133.602 Descargas

konacha 4.0.0

Konacha is a Rails engine that allows you to test your JavaScript with the mocha test f...

996.789 Descargas

jekyll-assets 3.0.12

A drop-in Jekyll Plugin that provides an asset pipeline for JavaScript, CSS, SASS, SCSS...

862.981 Descargas

sinatra-asset-pipeline 2.2.0

An asset pipeline implementation for Sinatra based on Sprockets with support for SASS, ...

621.512 Descargas

hogan_assets 1.6.0

Use compiled hogan.js (mustache) JavaScript templates with sprockets and the Rails asse...

583.243 Descargas

Total de descargas 204.342.376

Para esta versión 5.556.481

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