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spree_dev_toolsの被依存性 Latest version of the following gems require spree_dev_tools

spree_auth_devise 4.4.2

Provides authentication and authorization services for use with Spree by using Devise a...

871,960 ダウンロード

spree_gateway 3.9.4

Additional Payment Gateways for Spree Commerce

773,687 ダウンロード

spree_i18n 5.0.1

Provides locale information for use in Spree.

60,735 ダウンロード

spree_analytics_trackers 2.1.1

Supports Google Analytics

51,527 ダウンロード

spree_gladly 1.1.0

Spree Connector API

48,770 ダウンロード

spree_multi_vendor 2.3.0

Spree Commerce multi vendor marketplace extension

14,028 ダウンロード

spree_avatax_official 1.7.1

The new officially supported Avalara AvaTax extension for Spree Commerce using Avalara ...

2,523 ダウンロード

spree_it_is_a_present 0.0.2

With spree_it_is_a_present your customers will be able to add a name and a dedication t...

1,543 ダウンロード


Additional Payment Gateways for Spree Commerce

1,383 ダウンロード

spree_mobility 1.4.0

Provides model translation, localization, globalization features for Spreecommerce. Bas...

1,154 ダウンロード

spree_stock_locking 0.0.1

A Spree extension that implements stock movement locking with Redis::Lock

1,138 ダウンロード

spree_group_buy 0.0.1

Spree group buy extension

904 ダウンロード

spree_only_one_line_item_per_order 0.0.2

It is a Spree extension that realizes "one type and one item can be added to an order"

854 ダウンロード

spree_product_sort_in_order_of_ids 0.0.1

Add (optional) extension description here

715 ダウンロード

spree_order_message 0.0.1

A Spree extension that implement order message

685 ダウンロード

spree_surrogate_key 0.0.1

Add (optional) extension description here

522 ダウンロード

spree_vendor_brand 0.0.1

Add Spree extension that implement brand with multi vendor

512 ダウンロード

累計ダウンロード数 76,341

現行バージョン 5,239

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必要Rubyバージョン: >= 2.3.0