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ruby-dbusの被依存性 Latest version of the following gems require ruby-dbus

dbus-systemd 1.1.2

library for interfacing with systemd D-Bus APIs

2,305,975 ダウンロード

catfriend 0.20

E-mail checker with libnotify desktop notifications.

31,123 ダウンロード

progress-bar 0.3.7

Displays a Progress Bar in terminal or via kdialog

22,168 ダウンロード

snapsync 0.3.8

Snapsync is a tool that automates transferring snapper snapshots to external media (USB...

21,715 ダウンロード

matrix_dbus 2.0.5

<a herf="">matrix</a> to D-Bus

12,607 ダウンロード

matrix_qq 0.5.5

bridge between matrix and QQ

12,493 ダウンロード

atspi 0.10.0

The atspi gem lets you comfortably call the Assistive Technology Service Provider Inter...

10,717 ダウンロード

fidget 0.0.6

Fidget was inspired by the OS X commandline `caffeinate` tool, which in turn was insp...

10,339 ダウンロード

ruby-network-manager 1.0.16

This gem is simple binding for NetworkManager that aims to be tool for managing network...

9,828 ダウンロード

tune 0.0.6

tune is a command line interface of Radio Tray via dbus

9,384 ダウンロード

rype 0.0.4

Unofficial Skype Api wrapper

8,845 ダウンロード

CQHTTP 2.2.2

CoolQ HTTP API ruby bind

8,765 ダウンロード

spotify-dbus 0.3.5

Simple module and bin for Spotify DBus interfacing

8,484 ダウンロード

ruby_connman 0.0.6

RubyConnman Gem

7,680 ダウンロード

systemd_mon 0.1.0

Monitor systemd units and trigger alerts for failed states

6,653 ダウンロード

timestream 0.1.0

Converts Hamster report to EAR to JDE Timecard

6,512 ダウンロード

ble 1.0.0

Allow access to Bluetooth Low Energy device from ruby

6,485 ダウンロード

screencaster-gtk 0.0.8.alpha1

A program for capturing screencasts

5,920 ダウンロード

networkmanager-dbus 0.1.0

Utilizing the official NetworkManager DBus API

5,323 ダウンロード


Ruby bindings for systemd via DBUS api calls

5,129 ダウンロード

ruby-secret_service 0.0.8

Native bindings use the D-BUS Secret Service API, docs at http://standards.freedesktop....

5,033 ダウンロード

wamupd 1.1.2

Wamupd -- A Ruby program to update DNS-SD using Avahi & D-Bus

4,752 ダウンロード

mpris_scrobbler 1.0.2 scrobbler for Linux music players that follow the MPRIS 2 specification

4,289 ダウンロード

skype_lock_logout 0.0.1

A small application which logs out of Skype, when the screen is locked and logs back in...

4,188 ダウンロード

dbus-dump 0.2.1

It takes an idea from dbus-scrape, which processes a strace output of dbus-monitor, and...

3,613 ダウンロード

dtas-mpris 0.0.0

this allows controlling dtas-player via MPRIS or MPRIS 2.0 This is currently a dummy pa...

3,558 ダウンロード

kaede 0.2.0

Scheduler for recpt1 recorder using Syoboi Calendar

3,542 ダウンロード


Unofficial Skype Api wrapper

3,537 ダウンロード

keyring-kwallet 0.1.0

KWallet backend for keyring gem.

2,899 ダウンロード

ruby-notify-send 0.0.1

This replicates the functionality of notify-send, by talking directy to dbus

2,716 ダウンロード

累計ダウンロード数 2,667,876

現行バージョン 1,302,837

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