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roccoの被依存性 0.8.2

slim-rails 3.2.0

Provides the generator settings required for Rails 3+ to use Slim

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m 1.5.1

Run test/unit tests by line number. Metal!

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acts_as_api 1.0.1

acts_as_api enriches the models and controllers of your app in a rails-like way so you ...

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require_relative 1.0.3

In Ruby 1.9.2, "." was removed from $:. This is a good idea, for security reasons. This...

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git-smart 0.1.10

Installs some additional 'smart' git commands, like `git smart-pull`.

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devstructure 0.5.4

Ruby bindings to the DevStructure API

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gi_cat_driver 0.3.2

Configure and control deployed instances of GI-Cat.

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jax 2.0.12

Framework for creating rich WebGL-enabled applications using JavaScript and Ruby. C...

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stasis 0.2.0

Stasis is a dynamic framework for static sites.

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jsonapionify 0.12.10

Ruby object structure conforming to the JSON API spec.

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kiteditor 1.0.25

This is a fork of the wonderful Mercury Rails WYSIWYG editor, modified very slightly fo...

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pullentity-client 0.3.9

Pullentity client for build sites

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docurium 0.6.0

A simpler, prettier Doxygen replacement.

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ti 0.2.1

Titanium Rapid Development Framework

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ti 0.2.1

Titanium Rapid Development Framework

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cyclop 0.1.8

Job queue with MongoDB with emphasis on never losing any task even if worker fails hard...

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chef-extensions 0.4.0

Commands useful for checking internet connectivity, VM presence etc.

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Text goes in, markov gibberish comes out

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telesocial 0.0.6

Ruby wrapper for Telesocial API

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guard-rocco 0.0.3

Guard to generate Rocco documentation

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coolstrap-generator 0.1.4

App Generator for coolstrap mobile framework

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rocco_rails 0.9

Rocco gem for rails

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accessor 1.0.2

A syntactically better accessor, setter, and getter metamethod generator

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coffeefile 0.0.3

Use a Coffeefile to add all your coffee files that require compiling. Then use the coff...

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Test your JavaScript without any framework dependencies, in any environment, and with a...

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read 0.1.2

Read is Rocco that runs in your browser.

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extended_markdownizer 0.1.3

Render any text as markdown, with code highlighting, url detection and conversion of yo...

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roccofy 0.0.2


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mpq 0.2.0

Read files and metadata from MPQ archives

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mpq 0.2.0

Read files and metadata from MPQ archives

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