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Reverse dependencies for resque Latest version of the following gems require resque

resque-scheduler 4.4.0

Light weight job scheduling on top of Resque. Adds methods enqueue_at/enqueue_in to...

18,679,470 下載

exception_notification 4.4.3

Exception notification for Rails apps

10,629,326 下載

resque-retry 1.7.4

resque-retry provides retry, delay and exponential backoff support for resque jobs. ...

7,172,610 下載

resque-status 0.5.0

resque-status is an extension to the resque queue system that provides simple trackable...

3,513,727 下載

resque-cleaner 0.4.1

resque-cleaner maintains the cleanliness of failed jobs on Resque.

3,081,662 下載

resque_spec 0.18.1

RSpec matchers for Resque

2,969,284 下載

resque-pool 0.7.1

quickly and easily fork a pool of resque workers, saving memory (w/REE) and monitor...

2,847,687 下載

resque-sentry 1.2.0

A failure backend for Resque that sends events to Sentry

1,947,802 下載

resque-web 0.0.12

A Rails-based frontend to the Resque job queue system.

1,934,876 下載

resque-job-stats-promptcloud 0.4.4

Tracks jobs performed, failed, and the duration of the last 100 jobs for each job type.

1,429,421 下載

resque-loner 1.3.0

Makes sure that for special jobs, there can be only one job with the same workload in o...

1,274,886 下載

raygun4ruby 3.2.6

Ruby Adapter for Raygun

1,182,852 下載

resque-workers-lock 2.0.1

A Resque plugin. Two or more jobs with the same lock cannot be processed simultaneously...

1,047,136 下載

resque-lock-timeout 0.4.5

A Resque plugin. Adds locking, with optional timeout/deadlock handling to resque jobs...

1,025,704 下載

resque-dynamic-queues 0.8.1

A resque plugin for specifying the queues a worker pulls from with wildcards, negations...

899,182 下載

resque_solo 0.5.0

Resque plugin to add unique jobs

854,121 下載

resque-rollbar 0.4.0

Resque failure backend for Rollbar

654,270 下載

resque-multi-job-forks 0.5.2

When your resque jobs are frequent and fast, the overhead of forking and running your a...

628,446 下載

resque-heroku-signals 2.0.0

Patch resque to be compatible with the Heroku platform

605,287 下載

resque-metrics 0.1.1

A simple Resque plugin that times and saves some simple metrics for Resque jobs back in...

556,481 下載

isolator 0.7.0

Detect non-atomic interactions within DB transactions

540,735 下載

capistrano-resque 0.2.3

Capistrano plugin that integrates Resque server tasks.

538,851 下載

resque-pause 0.3.0

A Resque plugin to add functionality to pause resque jobs through the web interface. U...

504,911 下載

resque-history 1.12.3

Show history of recently executed jobs

452,170 下載

wisper-resque 0.2.0

Async publishing for Wisper using Resque

447,367 下載

resque-delayed 1.3.0

Enqueue jobs that will only appear for processing after a specified delay or at a parti...

437,679 下載

resque_unit 0.4.8

Test::Unit support for resque job queueing

430,516 下載

resque-throttler 0.1.5

Rate limit how many times a job can be run from a queue

430,407 下載

resque-job-stats 0.5.0

Tracks jobs performed, failed, and the duration of the last 100 jobs for each job type.

380,148 下載

pwwka 0.24.0

The purpose of this gem is to normalise the sending and receiving of messages between...

335,544 下載

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