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resque 的反向依赖 Latest version of the following gems require resque

resque-scheduler 4.4.0

Light weight job scheduling on top of Resque. Adds methods enqueue_at/enqueue_in to...

16,857,209 下载

exception_notification 4.4.3

Exception notification for Rails apps

9,301,614 下载

resque-retry 1.7.4

resque-retry provides retry, delay and exponential backoff support for resque jobs. ...

6,355,394 下载

resque-status 0.5.0

resque-status is an extension to the resque queue system that provides simple trackable...

3,229,951 下载

resque-cleaner 0.4.1

resque-cleaner maintains the cleanliness of failed jobs on Resque.

2,792,807 下载

resque_spec 0.18.1

RSpec matchers for Resque

2,653,237 下载

resque-pool 0.7.1

quickly and easily fork a pool of resque workers, saving memory (w/REE) and monitor...

2,548,749 下载

coverband 5.0.3

Rack middleware to measure production code usage (LOC runtime usage)

2,249,164 下载

resque-web 0.0.12

A Rails-based frontend to the Resque job queue system.

1,766,205 下载

resque-sentry 1.2.0

A failure backend for Resque that sends events to Sentry

1,706,129 下载

resque-loner 1.3.0

Makes sure that for special jobs, there can be only one job with the same workload in o...

1,154,349 下载

raygun4ruby 3.2.3

Ruby Adapter for

1,060,375 下载

resque-job-stats-promptcloud 0.4.4

Tracks jobs performed, failed, and the duration of the last 100 jobs for each job type.

974,825 下载

resque-lock-timeout 0.4.5

A Resque plugin. Adds locking, with optional timeout/deadlock handling to resque jobs...

958,957 下载

resque-dynamic-queues 0.8.1

A resque plugin for specifying the queues a worker pulls from with wildcards, negations...

826,932 下载

resque_solo 0.5.0

Resque plugin to add unique jobs

798,437 下载

resque-workers-lock 2.0.1

A Resque plugin. Two or more jobs with the same lock cannot be processed simultaneously...

715,477 下载

resque-rollbar 0.4.0

Resque failure backend for Rollbar

583,558 下载

resque-multi-job-forks 0.5.1

When your resque jobs are frequent and fast, the overhead of forking and running your a...

569,521 下载

resque-heroku-signals 2.0.0

Patch resque to be compatible with the Heroku platform

530,191 下载

resque-metrics 0.1.1

A simple Resque plugin that times and saves some simple metrics for Resque jobs back in...

495,744 下载

capistrano-resque 0.2.3

Capistrano plugin that integrates Resque server tasks.

492,032 下载

resque-pause 0.3.0

A Resque plugin to add functionality to pause resque jobs through the web interface. U...

481,495 下载

resque-history 1.12.3

Show history of recently executed jobs

410,378 下载

resque_unit 0.4.8

Test::Unit support for resque job queueing

408,990 下载

vero 0.9.1

Ruby gem for Vero

397,711 下载

wisper-resque 0.2.0

Async publishing for Wisper using Resque

392,920 下载

resque-throttler 0.1.5

Rate limit how many times a job can be run from a queue

384,580 下载

resque-delayed 1.3.0

Enqueue jobs that will only appear for processing after a specified delay or at a parti...

381,662 下载

resque-job-stats 0.5.0

Tracks jobs performed, failed, and the duration of the last 100 jobs for each job type.

354,110 下载

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这个版本 1,978,336

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需要的 Ruby 版本: >= 2.3.0