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rdf 的反向依赖 Latest version of the following gems require rdf

csvlint 0.4.0

CSV Validator

807,574 下载

json-ld 3.1.9

JSON::LD parses and serializes JSON-LD into RDF and implements expansion, compaction an...

671,585 下载

rdf-rdfxml 3.1.1

RDF::RDFXML is an RDF/XML reader and writer for the RDF.rb library suite.

531,022 下载

rdf-xsd 3.1.1

Adds RDF::Literal subclasses for extended XSD datatypes.

530,648 下载

rdf-rdfa 3.1.3

RDF::RDFa is an RDFa reader/writer for Ruby using the RDF.rb library suite.

499,988 下载

rdf-turtle 3.1.3

RDF::Turtle is an Turtle reader/writer for the RDF.rb library suite.

498,294 下载

sxp 1.1.0

Universal S-expression parser with specific support for Common Lisp, Scheme, and RDF/SP...

493,276 下载

ebnf 2.1.3

EBNF is a Ruby parser for W3C EBNF and a parser generator for PEG and LL(1). Also inclu...

478,854 下载

sparql-client 3.1.2

Executes SPARQL queries and updates against a remote SPARQL 1.0 or 1.1 endpoint, ...

456,519 下载

rdf-aggregate-repo 3.1.0

A gem extending RDF.rb with SPARQL dataset construction semantics.

402,350 下载

rdf-isomorphic 3.1.1

RDF.rb extension for graph bijections and isomorphic equivalence.

386,449 下载

rdf-vocab 3.1.13

Defines several standard RDF vocabularies

377,488 下载

rdf-n3 3.1.2

RDF::N3 is an Notation-3 reader/writer and reasoner for the RDF.rb library suite.

369,740 下载

sparql 3.1.6

SPARQL Implements SPARQL 1.1 Query, Update and result formats for the Ruby RDF.rb libra...

356,889 下载

rdf-microdata 3.1.3

Reads HTML Microdata as RDF.

326,730 下载

linkeddata 3.1.5

A metadistribution of RDF.rb including a full set of parsing/serialization plugins.

323,060 下载

rdf-json 3.1.0

RDF.rb extension for parsing/serializing RDF/JSON data.

312,966 下载

rdf-trig 3.1.2

RDF::TriG is an TriG reader/writer for the RDF.rb library suite.

311,234 下载

rdf-trix 3.1.1

RDF.rb extension for parsing/serializing TriX data.

293,982 下载

active-triples 1.1.1

ActiveTriples provides tools for modeling RDF as discrete resources.

275,463 下载

json-ld-preloaded 3.1.5

A meta-release of the json-ld gem including preloaded vocabularies for the Ruby RDF.rb ...

253,327 下载

rdf-normalize 0.4.0

RDF::Normalize is a Graph normalizer for the RDF.rb library suite.

250,723 下载

rdf-reasoner 0.7.2

Reasons over RDFS/OWL vocabularies to generate statements which are entailed based on b...

238,937 下载

dor-services 9.6.2

Contains classes to register objects and initialize workflows

229,836 下载

rdf-tabular 3.1.1

RDF::Tabular processes tabular data with metadata creating RDF or JSON output.

210,800 下载

ldp 1.0.1

Linked Data Platform client library

206,007 下载

qa 5.6.0

Provides a set of uniform RESTful routes to query any controlled vocabulary or set of a...

173,065 下载

ld-patch 3.1.3

Implements the W3C Linked Data Patch Format and operations for RDF.rb. Makes use of...

154,785 下载


Hydra implementations for CUL repository apps

133,264 下载

shex 0.6.1

Implements ShExC and ShEx JSON.

131,848 下载

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需要的 Ruby 版本: >= 2.4