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Dependencias inversas para pg Latest version of the following gems require pg

carrierwave 2.2.1

Upload files in your Ruby applications, map them to a range of ORMs, store them on diff...

45.130.120 Descargas

paper_trail 12.0.0

Track changes to your models, for auditing or versioning. See how a model looked at any...

35.232.623 Descargas

marginalia 1.10.1

Attach comments to your ActiveRecord queries.

13.060.449 Descargas

seed-fu 2.3.9

Seed Fu is an attempt to once and for all solve the problem of inserting and maintainin...

12.275.853 Descargas

strong_migrations 0.7.6

Catch unsafe migrations in development

11.047.554 Descargas

audited 4.10.0

Log all changes to your models

7.981.754 Descargas

scenic 1.5.4

Adds methods to ActiveRecord::Migration to create and manage database views in Rails

7.203.548 Descargas

makara 0.5.0

Read-write split your DB yo

6.282.616 Descargas

rspec_profiling 0.0.6

Profile RSpec test suites

6.165.860 Descargas

authlogic 6.4.1

An unobtrusive ruby authentication library based on ActiveRecord.

5.874.037 Descargas

activerecord-explain-analyze 0.1.0

Extends ActiveRecord#explain with support for EXPLAIN ANALYZE and output formats of JSO...

5.515.769 Descargas

gitlab-mail_room 0.0.12

mail_room will proxy email (gmail) from IMAP to a delivery method

5.143.215 Descargas

ar-octopus 0.10.2

This gem allows you to use sharded databases with ActiveRecord. This also provides a in...

5.109.145 Descargas

active_record_union 1.3.0

UNIONs in ActiveRecord! Adds proper union and union_all methods to ActiveRecord::Relation.

5.089.205 Descargas

paper_trail-association_tracking 2.1.3

Plugin for the PaperTrail gem to track and reify associations

4.494.051 Descargas

activerecord_sane_schema_dumper 1.0

ActiveRecord::SaneSchemaDumper removes useless/harmful whitespace from Rails’ generated...

4.377.037 Descargas

database_cleaner-active_record 2.0.1

Strategies for cleaning databases using ActiveRecord. Can be used to ensure a clean sta...

4.359.662 Descargas

distribute_reads 0.3.3

Scale database reads with replicas in Rails

4.030.642 Descargas

geokit-rails 2.3.2

Official Geokit plugin for Rails/ActiveRecord. Provides location-based goodness for you...

3.715.597 Descargas

redmine_crm 0.0.54

Common libraries for RedmineUP plugins ( for Redmine. Requered Redmin...

3.679.296 Descargas

postgres_ext 3.0.1

Adds missing native PostgreSQL data types to ActiveRecord and convenient querying exten...

3.328.387 Descargas

devise_token_auth 1.1.5

For use with client side single page apps such as the venerable

3.153.301 Descargas

apartment 2.2.1

Apartment allows Rack applications to deal with database multitenancy through ActiveRecord

3.120.114 Descargas

squeel 1.2.3

Squeel unlocks the power of Arel in your Rails application with a handy block-bas...

2.966.118 Descargas

mail_room 0.10.0

mail_room will proxy email (gmail) from IMAP to a delivery method

2.813.102 Descargas

rails-settings-cached 2.5.2

The best solution for store global settings in Rails applications. This gem will man...

2.795.025 Descargas

sequel_pg 1.14.0

sequel_pg overwrites the inner loop of the Sequel postgres adapter row fetching code wi...

2.696.181 Descargas

activerecord-safer_migrations 3.0.0

ActiveRecord migration helpers to avoid downtime

2.415.281 Descargas

database_rewinder 0.9.5

A minimalist's tiny and ultra-fast database cleaner

2.334.001 Descargas

rpush 5.4.0

The push notification service for Ruby.

2.250.250 Descargas

Total de descargas 142.121.896

Para esta versión 18.885.731

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