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pdf-reader 的反向依赖 Latest version of the following gems require pdf-reader

prawn 2.4.0

Prawn is a fast, tiny, and nimble PDF generator for Ruby

27,063,049 下载

poltergeist 1.18.1

Poltergeist is a driver for Capybara that allows you to run your tests on a headless We...

27,041,928 下载

pdf-core 0.9.0

PDF::Core is used by Prawn to render PDF documents

22,179,244 下载

prawn-table 0.2.2

Prawn::Table provides tables for the Prawn PDF toolkit

11,334,287 下载

pdf-inspector 1.3.0

This library provides a number of PDF::Reader[0] based tools for use in testing PDF out...

5,057,307 下载

prawn-templates 0.1.2

A extention to prawn that allows to include other pdfs either as background to write up...

1,975,828 下载

prawn-icon 3.0.0

Prawn::Icon provides various icon fonts including FontAwesome, PaymentFont and Founda...

1,343,961 下载

prawn-rails 1.4.0

Prawn Handler for Rails. Handles and registers pdf formats.

1,331,027 下载

prawn-grouping 0.2.0

Grouping extension for prawn pdf generator

379,639 下载

cuprite 0.13

Cuprite is a driver for Capybara that allows you to run your tests on a headless Chrome...

333,539 下载

ferrum 0.11

Ferrum allows you to control headless Chrome browser

318,769 下载

apparition 0.6.0

Apparition is a driver for Capybara that allows you to run your tests on Chrome in a he...

236,768 下载

grover 1.0.0

Transform HTML into PDF/PNG/JPEG using Google Puppeteer/Chromium

190,188 下载

dorsale 3.19.1

Run your own business.

139,103 下载

renalware-core 2.1.1

Renalware uses demographic, clinical, pathology, and nephrology datasets to improve pat...

99,787 下载

crabfarm 0.7.11

Crabfarm lets you build web scrappers using TDD, it is also very opinionated about ...

70,968 下载

identikal 0.1.2

A no frills gem that does one thing and only one thing. Checks whether two given PDF fi...

52,019 下载

pdf-wrapper 0.4.5

A unicode aware PDF writing library that uses the ruby bindings to various c libraries ...

51,109 下载

turbot-ruby-gems 0.32

Metapackage to install gems provided by Turbot.

45,028 下载

esearchy 0.2.3

A library to search for emails in search engines

37,695 下载

preflight 0.3.0

Provides a programatic way to check a PDF file conforms to standards like PDF-X/1a

37,651 下载

dragonfly_pdf 2.2.1

Dragonfly PDF analysers and processors.

31,556 下载

lingo 1.10.2

Lingo is an open source indexing system for research and teachings. The main functions ...

31,350 下载

appraisermetrics_report_service 0.1.8

["A service to generate pdf reports"]

30,576 下载

pdfbeads 1.1.1

PDFBeads is a small utility written in Ruby which takes scanned page images and con...

30,297 下载

ndr_import 10.1.1

NDR ETL Importer

30,103 下载

pdf-extract 0.1.1

PDF content extraction tool and library.

28,519 下载

command_wrap 0.6.2

A set of utility classes to extract meta data from different file types

27,956 下载

pdfs2pdf 0.2.5

Combine multiple pdf files into a single file with combined table of content for quick ...

27,955 下载

ebook_tools 0.1.7


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需要的 Ruby 版本: >= 1.9.3