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analyst 1.2.4

A nice API for interacting with parsed Ruby source code.

168.234 Descargas

faml 0.8.1

Faster implementation of Haml template language.

136.068 Descargas

steep 0.44.1

Gradual Typing for Ruby

136.063 Descargas

ruby2js 4.1.4

The base package maps Ruby syntax to JavaScript semantics. Filters may be provided ...

119.128 Descargas

ast_utils 0.4.0

Ruby AST Utility

112.295 Descargas

gauge-ruby 0.5.4

Adds Ruby support into Gauge tests

105.026 Descargas

seeing_is_believing 4.0.1

Records the results of every line of code in your file (intended to be like xmpfilter),...

100.716 Descargas

dependabot-core 0.94.13

Automated dependency management for Ruby, JavaScript, Python, PHP, Elixir, Rust, Java, ...

80.263 Descargas

starscope 1.5.7

Starscope is a code indexer, search and navigation tool for Ruby, Golang, and JavaScrip...

76.689 Descargas

codesake-dawn 1.2.99

Codesake::Dawn is a security source code scanner for ruby powered code. Starting from J...

74.403 Descargas

deep-cover-core 1.1.0

Core functionality for the DeepCover gem.

70.409 Descargas

code-explorer 0.3.0

Find your way around source code written in Ruby

70.131 Descargas

rubrowser 2.11

A ruby interactive dependency graph visualizer

69.568 Descargas

synvert-core 0.40.0

convert ruby code to better syntax automatically.

67.928 Descargas

sequent 4.0.0

Sequent is a CQRS and event sourcing framework for Ruby.

56.022 Descargas

zombie_scout 0.0.6

zombie_scout finds methods in classes in your ruby project, and then searches for calls...

46.088 Descargas

ezcater_rubocop 3.0.0

ezCater custom cops and shared configuration

45.042 Descargas

covered 0.13.1

A modern approach to code coverage.

40.064 Descargas

onlyoffice_rspec_parser 0.4.0

Gem for static parsing of _rspec.rb files

38.061 Descargas

rails5-spec-converter 2.0.0

Rails 5 issues a deprecation warning if your controller/request tests don't wrap user-s...

36.724 Descargas

recent_ruby 0.1.3

CLI tool for your CI/CD to make sure a recent and secure ruby version is used.

33.738 Descargas

society 2.0.1

Social graph for Ruby objects. Based on an original idea by Kerri Miller.

33.572 Descargas

ndr_dev_support 6.0.0

Provides support to developers of NDR projects

32.985 Descargas

gelauto 2.1.0

Automatically annotate your code with Sorbet type definitions.

29.725 Descargas

dissociated_introspection 0.12.0

Introspect methods, parameters, class macros, and constants without loading a parent cl...

28.291 Descargas

contrast-agent 4.8.0

This gem instantiates a Rack middleware for rack-based web applications in order to pro...

26.340 Descargas

mutest 0.0.10

Mutation testing for ruby

26.222 Descargas


Parser extension to support edge and experimental Ruby syntax

25.852 Descargas

rpr 1.9.1

RPR displays Ruby's AST on command line.

22.362 Descargas


A Ruby parser written in C

21.909 Descargas

Total de descargas 175.178.472

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