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Dependencias inversas para parser Latest version of the following gems require parser

rubocop 1.14.0

RuboCop is a Ruby code style checking and code formatting tool. It aims to enforce ...

157.833.536 Descargas

rubocop-ast 1.5.0

RuboCop's Node and NodePattern classes.

32.283.917 Descargas

graphql 1.12.9

A plain-Ruby implementation of GraphQL.

27.345.061 Descargas

unparser 0.6.0

Generate equivalent source for parser gem AST nodes

14.140.565 Descargas

rspec-parameterized 0.4.2

RSpec::Parameterized supports simple parameterized test syntax in rspec.

11.371.777 Descargas

proc_to_ast 0.1.0

Add #to_ast method to Proc. #to_ast converts Proc object to AST::Node.

10.969.731 Descargas

reek 6.0.4

Reek is a tool that examines Ruby classes, modules and methods and reports any code sme...

10.952.595 Descargas

astrolabe 1.3.1

An object-oriented AST extension for Parser

8.922.431 Descargas

scout_apm 4.0.4

Monitors Ruby apps and reports detailed metrics on performance to Scout.

7.679.400 Descargas

i18n-tasks 0.9.34

i18n-tasks helps you find and manage missing and unused translations. It analyses code...

6.914.635 Descargas

sorbet-runtime 0.5.6412

Sorbet's runtime type checking component

6.114.937 Descargas

rubycritic 4.6.1

RubyCritic is a tool that wraps around various static analysis gems to provide a qualit...

4.500.444 Descargas

solargraph 0.40.4

IDE tools for code completion, inline documentation, and static analysis

3.695.549 Descargas

protobuf 3.10.3

Google Protocol Buffers serialization and RPC implementation for Ruby.

3.426.616 Descargas

crystalball 0.7.0

Provides simple way to integrate regression test selection approach to your RSpec test ...

2.475.203 Descargas

protobuf-cucumber 3.10.8

Google Protocol Buffers serialization and RPC implementation for Ruby.

2.114.454 Descargas

better_html 1.0.16

Better HTML for Rails. Provides sane html helpers that make it easier to do the right t...

1.799.745 Descargas

parlour 6.0.0

A type information generator, merger and parser for Sorbet and Ruby 3/Steep

1.623.118 Descargas

dependabot-common 0.147.0

Automated dependency management for Ruby, JavaScript, Python, PHP, Elixir, Rust, Java, ...

1.374.051 Descargas

sorbet-rails 0.7.4

Set of tools to make Sorbet work with Rails seamlessly.

1.352.907 Descargas

erb_lint 0.0.37

ERB Linter tool.

1.261.217 Descargas

mutant 0.10.31

Mutation Testing for Ruby.

860.652 Descargas


Contains code for pushing rspec results up to testrail.

578.266 Descargas

transpec 3.4.0

Transpec converts your specs to the latest RSpec syntax with static and dynamic code an...

521.733 Descargas

opal 1.1.1

Opal is a Ruby to JavaScript compiler. It is source-to-source, making it fast as a runt...

393.028 Descargas

querly 1.2.0

Querly is a query language and tool to find out method calls from Ruby programs. Define...

307.951 Descargas

ruby-lint 2.3.1

A linter and static code analysis tool for Ruby.

267.304 Descargas

packwerk 1.1.3

Sets package level boundaries between a specified set of ruby constants to minimize cro...

175.953 Descargas

imagen 0.1.8

Codebase as structure of locatable classes and methods based on the Ruby AST

174.623 Descargas

fukuzatsu 2.3.2

Calculates code complexity as a measure of paths through code execution. CI integration...

162.715 Descargas

Total de descargas 167.534.227

Para esta versión 822.227

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