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Dependencias inversas para overcommit Latest version of the following gems require overcommit

i18n-tasks 1.0.10

i18n-tasks helps you find and manage missing and unused translations. It analyses code...

9.756.063 Descargas

data_migrate 8.0.0

Rake tasks to migrate data alongside schema changes.

8.583.271 Descargas

avro-patches 1.0.2

Patches for the official Apache Avro Ruby implementation

3.034.715 Descargas

avromatic 4.1.0

Generate Ruby models from Avro schemas

2.972.354 Descargas

avro-builder 1.1.0

Ruby DSL to create Avro schemas

2.933.889 Descargas

avro-resolution_canonical_form 0.5.0

Unique identification of Avro schemas for schema resolution

2.845.136 Descargas

avro_schema_registry-client 0.4.0

Client for the avro-schema-registry app

2.844.469 Descargas

honeycomb-beeline 2.10.0

Instrument your Ruby apps with Honeycomb

1.759.740 Descargas

nylas 5.10.0

Gem for interacting with the Nylas API.

1.069.504 Descargas

puma-metrics 1.2.4

Puma plugin to export puma stats as prometheus metrics

869.647 Descargas

onlyoffice_webdriver_wrapper 1.5.0

ONLYOFFICE Webdriver Wrapper Gem. Used in QA

302.108 Descargas

safer_rails_console 0.6.0

This gem makes Rails console sessions less dangerous in specified environments by warni...

285.423 Descargas

ooxml_parser 0.23.0

Parse OOXML files (docx, xlsx, pptx)

283.421 Descargas

onlyoffice_documentserver_testing_framework 2.8.0

ONLYOFFICE DocumentServer testing framework, used in QA

240.288 Descargas

activerecord-postgres_pub_sub 2.1.0

Support for Postgres Notify/Listen

194.606 Descargas

onlyoffice_logger_helper 1.3.0

Simple logging gem for ONLYOFFICE projects. Used in QA

181.176 Descargas

onlyoffice_bugzilla_helper 0.6.1

Helper for bugzilla, used in QA

160.533 Descargas

ui_bibz 3.0.13

A Rails Interface Framework using Bootstrap 5.0.2.

160.233 Descargas

omniauth-multi-provider 0.3.0

OmniAuth support for multiple providers of an authentication strategy

147.826 Descargas

wrata_api 1.1.0

Wrapper around wrata API

139.616 Descargas

bigfiles 0.2.2

Finds largest source files in a project

133.666 Descargas

onlyoffice_s3_wrapper 0.6.0

ONLYOFFICE Helper Gem for S3. Used in QA

114.211 Descargas

sanctum 0.9.2

Syncs encrypted content from the filesystem to the Vault secrets store.

103.921 Descargas

onlyoffice_api 1.0.1

Ruby Framework to interact with OnlyOffice API 2.0

100.787 Descargas

onlyoffice_iredmail_helper 1.0.0

ONLYOFFICE Helper Gem for iRedMail. Used in QA

88.597 Descargas

mihari 4.6.0

A framework for continuous OSINT based threat hunting

86.579 Descargas

onlyoffice_file_helper 0.5.0

ONLYOFFICE Helper Gem for File operation. Used in QA

82.901 Descargas

onlyoffice_documentserver_conversion_helper 0.5.0

Helper method for using ONLYOFFICE DocumentServer conversion api

78.289 Descargas

parallel_cucumber 0.2.25

Our own parallel cucumber with queue and workers

66.201 Descargas

ledger_sync 2.3.1

LedgerSync is a simple library that allows you to sync common objects to popular accoun...

59.853 Descargas

Total de descargas 8.622.030

Para esta versión 33.100

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