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Reverse dependencies for oj Latest version of the following gems require oj

elasticsearch-model 7.1.1

ActiveModel/Record integrations for Elasticsearch.

16,355,944 下載

fluentd 1.11.5

Fluentd is an open source data collector designed to scale and simplify log management....

15,595,504 下載

elasticsearch-rails 7.1.1

Ruby on Rails integrations for Elasticsearch.

13,267,181 下載

rabl 0.14.3

General ruby templating with json, bson, xml and msgpack support

11,563,154 下載

analytics-ruby 2.2.8

The ruby analytics library

8,764,957 下載

sensu-plugins-http 6.1.0

This plugin provides native HTTP instrumentation for moni...

4,152,516 下載

fast_jsonapi 1.5

JSON API( serializer that works with rails and can be used to serialize any...

4,146,830 下載

middleman-core 4.3.11

A static site generator. Provides dozens of templating languages (Haml, Sass, Compass, ...

3,112,531 下載

elasticsearch-persistence 7.1.1

Persistence layer for Ruby models and Elasticsearch.

2,886,990 下載

fluent-plugin-parser 0.6.1

fluentd plugin to parse single field, or to combine log structure into single field

2,769,343 下載

ougai 1.8.5

A structured logging system is capable of handling a message, custom data or an excepti...

2,754,173 下載

elasticsearch-extensions 0.0.31

Extensions for the Elasticsearch Rubygem

2,377,597 下載

fluent-plugin-ec2-metadata 0.1.3

Fluentd output plugin to add Amazon EC2 metadata fields to a event record

2,244,655 下載

prometheus_exporter 0.6.0

Prometheus metric collector and exporter for Ruby

1,837,098 下載

tire 0.6.2

Tire is a Ruby client for the Elasticsearch search engine/database. It provides Rub...

1,663,566 下載

calabash-cucumber 0.22.2

calabash-cucumber drives tests for native iOS apps. You must link your app with calabas...

1,606,850 下載

httplog 1.4.3

Log outgoing HTTP requests made from your application. Helpful for tracking API calls ...

1,495,560 下載

arvados-cli 2.1.1

Arvados command line tools, git commit bdeca9098f356a4b2b088a3cf4c9276bb6cd5bdb

1,289,876 下載

faraday_middleware-parse_oj 0.3.2

Faraday middleware for parsing JSON using the Oj parser.

1,089,547 下載

jsonlint 0.3.0

Checks JSON files for correct syntax and no silly mistakes

996,926 下載

lorekeeper 1.10.0

Opinionated logger which outputs messages in JSON format

789,120 下載

blueprinter 0.25.2

Blueprinter is a JSON Object Presenter for Ruby that takes business objects and breaks ...

713,123 下載

engineyard-cloud-client 2.1.1

This gem connects to the EY Cloud API

630,613 下載

json-ld 3.1.5

JSON::LD parses and serializes JSON-LD into RDF and implements expansion, compaction an...

617,400 下載

json5 0.0.1

JSON5 parser in Ruby

494,958 下載

eyes_core 3.17.21

Don't use it directly, take a look at eyes_selenium, eyes_images or eyes_calabash gems ...

441,984 下載

olive_branch 3.0.0

Handle camel/snake/dash case conversion

412,765 下載

phcmemberspro 91.4.0

Ruby on Rails 5.2 Engine to Manage Member Information and Business Directory Listings

410,607 下載

smartling 2.0.3

A Ruby library to utilize Smartling services

322,151 下載

panko_serializer 0.7.4

High Performance JSON Serialization for ActiveRecord & Ruby Objects

278,731 下載

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這個版本 240,842

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