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nanoc 的反向依赖 Latest version of the following gems require nanoc

govuk_design_system_formbuilder 3.0.0

A Rails form builder that generates form inputs adhering to the GOV.UK Design System

273,119 下载

origen 0.60.5

The Semiconductor Developer's Kit

251,274 下载

nanoc3 3.3.0

a web publishing system written in Ruby for building small to medium-sized websites.

135,221 下载

govuk-components 3.0.1

A collection of components intended to ease the building of GOV.UK Design System web ap...

73,198 下载

nutils 1.2.0

Nutils is a set of utilities like filters, data_sources and helpers for Nanoc.

60,648 下载

coursegen 0.9.20

Use Nanoc to build courses and deploy them to S3

50,607 下载

nanoc-conref-fs 0.7.0

A Nanoc filesystem to permit using conrefs/reusables in your content.

35,447 下载

nanoc-toolbox 0.2.1

The nanoc-toolbox is a collection of filters and helpers for the static site generator ...

34,027 下载

flak 0.0.9

VFX tool build and documentation framework based on rake with thor generators

25,062 下载

nanoc-cachebuster 0.4.0

Your website should use far-future expires headers on static assets, to make the best u...

24,536 下载

nanoc-git 2.0.0

Provides a Git deployer for Nanoc. Obsolete; merged into Nanoc 4.5.

17,359 下载

nanoc-html-pipeline 0.3.5

An adapter for using html-pipeline as a filter in your nanoc Rules

14,161 下载

nanoc-code-classifier 0.1.0

By using special tags the code classifier filter can pre-process you code blocks and ap...

13,798 下载

nanoc-oo 0.0.6

with this you can map classes to directories and use inheritance in your nanoc site

13,701 下载

nanoc-redirector 0.4.1

["Allows", "you", "to", "generate", "redirects", "to", "and", "from", "an", "item."]

12,931 下载

nanoc-filesystem-i18n 0.2.0

I18n filesystem based data source for nanoc. Compatible with nanoc 3 and default filesy...

12,569 下载

ghp 0.0.8

git home page

12,450 下载

game_machine 1.0.4

game server

12,162 下载

nanoc-bibtex 1.0.1

BibTeX data source for nanoc.

10,958 下载

nanoc_fuel 0.0.4

nanoc extension that adds useful helpers (facebook, google analytics, etc).

10,838 下载

nanoc-fuel 0.0.8

nanoc extension that adds useful helpers (facebook, google analytics, etc).

10,665 下载

nanoc-image-compressor 0.1.1

Nanoc image compressor filter

10,070 下载

nanoc-sprockets-filter 0.1.1

A nanoc filter to use Sprockets, a Ruby library for compiling and serving web assets.

10,055 下载

gitoe 0.1.3

a local web app, to show local git changes

9,397 下载

nanoc-deploy 0.0.5

nanoc extension adds rake cloud deployment options using fog.

9,275 下载

nanoc-asciidoctor 2.0.2

Provides an Asciidoctor filter for Nanoc. Obsolete; merged into Nanoc 4.8.

8,850 下载

nanoc-javascript-concatenator 0.0.2

Nanoc JavaScript concatenator filter

8,199 下载

nanoc-nbconvert 0.1.1

A nanoc filter to convert IPython notebook

4,218 下载

nanoc-typohero 1.0.1

Provides a :typohero filter for nanoc

4,188 下载

nanoc-lftp 1.0.1

Provides an :lftp deployer for nanoc

3,656 下载

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需要的 Ruby 版本: >= 2.6

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