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Dependencias inversas para mongo_mapper Latest version of the following gems require mongo_mapper

orm_adapter 0.5.0

Provides a single point of entry for using basic features of ruby ORMs

121.256.027 Descargas

rails-jquery-autocomplete 1.0.5

Use jQuery's autocomplete plugin with Rails 4+.

2.540.444 Descargas

rails3-jquery-autocomplete 1.0.15

Use jQuery's autocomplete plugin with Rails 3.

1.424.342 Descargas

rails4-autocomplete 1.1.1

Use jQuery's autocomplete plugin with Rails 4.

583.973 Descargas

kaminari-mongo_mapper 1.0.1

kaminari-mongo_mapper lets your MongoMapper models be paginatable

162.090 Descargas

dumper 1.7.3

Dumper is a backup management system that offers a whole new way to take daily backups ...

144.935 Descargas

amistad 0.10.2

Extends your user model with friendships management methods

125.530 Descargas

noodall-core 0.8.2

Core data objects for Noodall

124.015 Descargas

sinatra_resource 0.4.24

A DSL for creating RESTful actions with Sinatra and MongoMapper. It embraces the Resour...

113.803 Descargas

wally 0.0.47

Cucumber feature viewer and navigator

110.553 Descargas

joint 0.6.2

MongoMapper and GridFS joined in file upload love.

91.706 Descargas

grat 0.5.1

Basic interface for making webpages with Haml and Erb. Supports nested templates.

88.778 Descargas

mm-devise 2.0

dm-devise adds MongoMapper support to devise ( f...

80.460 Descargas

grip 0.7.3

GridFS attachments for MongoMapper

75.887 Descargas

mddb 0.0.27

MDDB makes analysing molecular dynamics simulations easy

75.558 Descargas

tenacity 0.6.0

Tenacity provides a database client independent way of specifying simple relationships ...

62.951 Descargas

mongomapper_ext 0.5.2

MongoMapper extensions

56.629 Descargas

mongomapper_ext 0.5.2

MongoMapper extensions

56.629 Descargas

mongo_mapper_versioned 0.2.7

Versioned plugin for MongoMapper

51.376 Descargas


Delayed_job (or DJ) encapsulates the common pattern of asynchronously executing longer ...

43.804 Descargas

mm_uses_uuid 0.0.18

MongoMapper plugin that uses a UUID instead of the default ObjectID

41.425 Descargas

notifiably_audited 3.0.0

Log all changes to your ActiveRecord models

41.253 Descargas

exodus 1.1.7

Exodus is a migration framework for MongoDb

37.122 Descargas

oii_twitter_goodies 0.0.743

OII Twitter Goodies!

35.977 Descargas

oii_twitter_goodies 0.0.743

OII Twitter Goodies!

35.977 Descargas

roles_mongo_mapper 0.5.0

Makes it easy to set a role strategy on your User model in MongoMapper

35.820 Descargas

mm-multi-parameter-attributes 0.2.2

Tiny plugin for MongoMapper to add multi-parameter attributes

35.437 Descargas

roachclip 0.3.2

Let you upload images and have use paperclip's hotness to post process them

33.628 Descargas

customized-mongomapper-search 1.0.3

Easily integrate Mongo Mapper with with Solr search. Please view the CHANGELOG file fo...

32.413 Descargas

mm-versionable 0.2.9

A MongoMapper extension adding Versioning

29.902 Descargas

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