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marcelの被依存性 Latest version of the following gems require marcel


Attach cloud and local files in Rails applications.

182,882,837 ダウンロード

carrierwave 2.2.3

Upload files in your Ruby applications, map them to a range of ORMs, store them on diff...

71,322,836 ダウンロード

caxlsx 3.3.0

xlsx spreadsheet generation with charts, images, automated column width, customizable s...

13,602,701 ダウンロード

active_storage_validations 1.0.3

Validations for Active Storage (presence)

7,262,652 ダウンロード

shrine 3.4.0

Shrine is a toolkit for file attachments in Ruby applications. It supports uploading, d...

6,929,860 ダウンロード

kt-paperclip 7.1.1

Easy upload management for ActiveRecord

4,798,173 ダウンロード

file_validators 3.0.0

Adds file validators to ActiveModel

4,572,853 ダウンロード

carrierwave-base64 2.10.0

This gem can be useful, if you need to upload files to your API from mobile devises.

3,774,620 ダウンロード

goodcheck 3.1.0

Goodcheck is a regexp based linter that allows you to define custom rules in a YAML file.

710,080 ダウンロード

zendesk_apps_support 4.38.1

Support to help you develop Zendesk Apps.

369,810 ダウンロード

openhab-scripting 4.47.0

JRuby Helper Libraries for OpenHAB Scripting

187,296 ダウンロード

metanorma-utils 1.4.7

metanorma-utils provides utilities for the Metanorma stack

83,442 ダウンロード

isomorfeus-data 2.5.5

Develop apps with powerful reactive data access and queries.

83,245 ダウンロード

cloudconvert 1.1.0

A Ruby interface to the CloudConvert API v2.

75,806 ダウンロード

activestorage-openstack 1.6.0

Wraps the OpenStack Swift/Storage service as an Active Storage service

71,225 ダウンロード

saviour 0.6.10

File storage handler following active record model lifecycle

65,143 ダウンロード

reverse_adoc 0.3.6

Generate AsciiDoc from HTML and Microsoft Word via CLI or library.

61,468 ダウンロード

weneedfeed 0.20.0

Generate feeds from URL and selectors.

61,037 ダウンロード

aspose_words_cloud 23.1.0

This SDK allows you to work with Aspose.Words Cloud REST APIs in your Ruby applications...

59,983 ダウンロード

superbot-cloud 0.3.8

Superbot Cloud

47,150 ダウンロード

nimbu-api 0.5.0

Nimbu is the easiest way to build a beautiful multi-lingual online store! See http://ni...

42,115 ダウンロード

kithe 2.7.1

Shareable tools/components for building a digital collections app in Rails.

26,256 ダウンロード

kudzu 1.3.0

A simple web crawler for ruby

22,124 ダウンロード

chronicle-etl 0.5.5

Chronicle-ETL allows you to extract personal data from a variety of services, transform...

21,257 ダウンロード

scholarsphere-client 0.4.0

Client software to create new content for the Scholarsphere repository at Penn State.

8,732 ダウンロード

timestamp_maker 1.3.1

timestamp_maker is a command-line tool that adds timestamp on assets/videos based on th...

6,579 ダウンロード

activestorage_openstack 0.1.6

OpenStack ActiveStorage service without dependencies.

5,706 ダウンロード

caco 0.1.0

Caco, configure your machines like you develop your web apps

1,859 ダウンロード

cloudflared 0.1.1

An API wrapper that focuse on the Cloudflare developer APIs, such as images, stream, pa...

1,714 ダウンロード

mindee 2.0.0

Quickly and easily connect to Mindee's API services using Ruby.

1,666 ダウンロード

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MIT, Apache-2.0

必要Rubyバージョン: >= 2.2