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Dependencias inversas para loofah 2.4.0

rails-html-sanitizer 1.3.0

HTML sanitization for Rails applications

138.685.353 Descargas

feedjira 3.1.1

A feed parsing library

2.247.613 Descargas

loofah-activerecord 2.0.0

+loofah-activerecord+ extends +loofah+'s HTML sanitization into Rails ActiveRecord mode...

232.214 Descargas

zendesk_apps_support 4.29.0

Support to help you develop Zendesk Apps.

156.081 Descargas

bolognese 1.4.6

Ruby gem and command-line utility for conversion of DOI metadata from and to different ...

142.386 Descargas

arachni 1.5.1

Arachni is a feature-full, modular, high-performance Ruby framework aimed towards helpi...

113.823 Descargas

grape-papertrail 0.2.0

Papertrail support for Grape APIs

54.993 Descargas

decidim-core 0.20.0

Adds core features so other engines can hook into the framework.

47.431 Descargas


Core for all Tramway Rails Engines

45.454 Descargas

bergamasco 0.3.17

Text utilities for common cleanup and reformatting tasks when working with scholarly me...

39.886 Descargas

zen 0.4.3

Zen is a modular CMS written using Ramaze. Zen gives you complete freedom to build what...

33.227 Descargas

extractula 0.0.11

Extracts content like title, summary, and images from web pages like Dracula extracts b...

30.191 Descargas

makeup 0.4.4

Makeup provides markup rendering and code highlighting. It renders all kinds of markup ...

27.878 Descargas

sql_search_n_sort 3.0.0

A gem that allows for simple SQL-based search and sort functionality

26.237 Descargas

crazy_harry 0.2.1

CrazyHarry is a high-level html fragment sanitiser/cleaner based on Loofah.

25.645 Descargas

mcbean 0.4.0

McBean can convert documents from one format to another. McBean currently supports: * ...

22.625 Descargas

jets-html-sanitizer 1.0.4

HTML sanitization for Jets applications

21.194 Descargas

lumberyak 0.1.5

LumberYak enables structured logging via JSON for any Rails application

20.279 Descargas

hot_date_rails 2.0.0

A gem that allows you to add date only, time only and datetime pickers to your forms. ...

18.238 Descargas

sanitize_model_attributes 0.0.7

Sanitize ActiveRecord attributes.

16.037 Descargas

cknife 1.4.1

A collection of command line tools, especially for popular API services.

14.396 Descargas

workarea-core 3.5.4

Provides application code, seed data, plugin infrastructure, and other core parts of th...

13.526 Descargas

jsonapi_parameters 2.0.0

JsonApi::Parameters allows you to easily translate JSON:API compliant parameters to a s...

12.707 Descargas

chris_lib 1.1.6

It includes maths, datetime, and rspec access test libraries.

12.026 Descargas

shamu 0.0.24

Have a whale of a good time adding Service Oriented Architecture to your ruby projects.

11.118 Descargas

locale_mailer 0.3.0

Ruby on Rails gem to allow email template views generation straight from localization data

9.372 Descargas

jekyll_search 0.0.8

An Elasticsearch full text search index generator for Jekyll.

9.126 Descargas

pagehook-rails 0.0.13

Rails plugin integrates Pagehook (

8.680 Descargas


A feed fetching and parsing library that treats the internet like Godzilla treats Japan...

8.054 Descargas

sportweb 0.3.3

sportweb - instant open sports web admin browser command line tool

7.665 Descargas

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